Monday, August 11, 2008

When Love is not Enough

Sometimes love is not enough. And with that you continue to love, although your heart may become a bit sore, wounded and a bit lost, your love always goes on.

There are forces in this world that can take a person and rip them to the core. As we watch these forces at work, in the ones we love, we try to help and love them. But, love, sometimes, is not enough.

It is like the love of God. He has given the ultimate love, by laying down His life and yet, in some of our lives, that love is not enough. We look at that great love and want more. We stand at the edge of that supreme love and say "give me more. Because, there is something lacking in the way I feel, so it must be you, God. You are just not enough".
When love is not enough, where do we go? When we do not make God the totality of our lives, where do we go? When we come face to face with the flesh and it rises up to take control, where do we run? If not love, then what?

For most, they will run deeper into the flesh. Letting go of those things we know to be right, lovely and true. Love can no longer hold us, because we have not given love complete entry into our souls. So, we become lost in the abyss of darkness. Our self centeredness guiding the way into the strongholds of life. We become of this world instead of not of this world. We start to become entrenched in the things that oppose love and then love is never enough.

"The truth will set you free" until you put yourself above God and say to yourself, "love is not enough". "I will take care of my own needs, I will seek the power in me and overcome, I can lead myself into victory." Love is, certainly, lost in this thinking and with love lost, we become alone. Even in a crowd, we are alone. Because, we have lost our first love and have rejected the love of others.
colorful ray under sea
The definition of love becomes convoluted and benign. There is no power behind a self centered love. A love that casts away others and draws us into the dark recesses of our own minds. This is when love is not enough. Love is not enough when I take my eyes off of the one who created love and put them on the one who demands and abuses love. Ourselves.