Thursday, April 1, 2010

Prophetic Word about the United States

I am going out on a limb here. I do not usually share this much of what God has shown me, but I believe it is time.

The Lord has shown me the United States crumbling apart. There is no law and no love. The only place that God can be found is in the hearts of His people and His people start to become few. There will be persecution of the Christians in this land and many have not equipped themselves spiritually to endure. The love is gone.

There will be lawlessness in the land. Those Christians, that can endure, will rebel against the power of man and bring up arms, as did there forefathers, to defend liberty and their God. Hospitals, graves and prisons wait for God people.

The Lord showed me twice what it would be like. I wrote of this in "It is So" and in "Jeremiah 14", both speak of the Holy Spirit being taken out of America. This is happening now. Please prepare yourself for such a thing.

I told my husband a year ago that elections would be suspended in America as well as will our writ of Habeas Corpus. Rush Limbaugh started speaking of this yesterday. Why else would a man risk reelection other than he knew there would be no election.


The Lord has called myself and my family to leave the city. Interesting is that there are many Christians that have been called out of the city. We, because of following what the Lord has said, have faced objections from others. Look into the Word of God and see if objection do not come over and over again to those that are following the call of God. To those of you that are doing the hard thing that God has commanded, let me tell you what the Lord says.

"I do not promise you that this will be easy. I do say that your obedience is honey unto my lips. You are chosen and loved beyond measure. My eyes are upon you and what I have called you to will endure because of your obedience. I know your sacrifice and your struggle. I know your hearts and your spirit. You are my few. Angles guard you so that your path to my call will not be broken. I bless you because I can do nothing less."


My brothers and sisters in Christ. Do not linger and do not scorn those who are called. Send them off with blessings and prayer. They are following a path unmarked and doing the biting of our Savior.