Thursday, March 25, 2010

Prophetic Word for Europe from Don Franklin

I am a God of War. I have no intentions of abdicating Europe to the enemy. There was a time in history past, when Saladin rose out of Africa and sought to take Europe for the Muslim Empire. The Crusaders stood against him; the Knights of Malta stood up and the sword of the Lord came forward and Europe was defended against a full takeover from the forces of Allah.

Once again, saith the Lord, I’m calling the Christian army back into Europe. I will not abandon Europe; I will not abandon the cradle of the Reformation. It shall begin in the land of the Reformation, saith the Lord. The anointing of God is going to fall upon that nation and there will be a reformation come out of Germany. Light will come pouring out of Germany once again. I will raise up the armies of Martin Luther.

Once again there will be a reformation rolling across the nations of Europe and this time it will be in the power and in the anointing of the Pentecostal Holy Ghost. It will not simply be a reformation of Word, but it will be a reformation of signs, wonders, the Word of God, and the power and the anointing of the Holy Ghost.

I have called many to go. Many will not answer the call; they will not give their lives and sow their lives back into what they call a dead mausoleum. They want to be in the hot spots. They want to be where the anointing is flowing.

I will give you a clue; one of the hottest spots in the world is going to be Europe. The anointing of God is going to come down in a volcanic manner and I am going to burn, saith God; I am going to burn, saith God; I’m going to burn the dross out of Europe, and I’m going to raise up a mighty army of light out of that land