Friday, March 5, 2010


As Christians, we all know that "everything is possible through God".

Mark 10:27 Looking at them, Jesus said, " With people it is impossible, but not with God; for all things are possible with God".

I have seen and heard a lot of strange things through Christ. I am no longer surprise nor bewildered by the unveiling of the unknown by God. And yet, last night, I became a bit surprised and bewildered.

My home church met last night. We have been watching a film of prophets speaking over our city. One of them is Dutch Sheets, a remarkable man of God, whom I respect and love to hear speak.

First, I was taken into a vision during our worship time. In the vision, I was running away from people and into an unknown place. I was not running from people out of fear, it was just the way I was headed.

While running, I turned back towards the people I was running away from and waved goodbye. My face was full of joy. But, in the natural, while watching this vision, I felt alone, depressed and sad.

Then I heard the voice of God. He said, "You will come to me alone."..

I have no idea what this means nor the importance of it. I assume that all will be revealed in God's timing.

Then during the film....weird happened.

Dutch Sheets began to speak in tongues. I recognized the tongue has my own. Now, I have communicated spirit to spirit in the past. "Spirit to Spirit Communication" This communication between myself and another, was spoke in tongues, but in our own tongue. Neither myself nor the other participant, knew what one another was saying.

When I hear Dutch Sheets it was not only the same language I speak in, but I understood everything he said. While listening I would have a feeling well up in mean and an understanding come over me. I was awed.

The first words that came from his mouth were the same words I start with and in the natural they are...Glorious Yahweh. Praise be to God the almighty one.

He spoke...Yours ears, I feel your ears.
Rain of blood has fallen, but you be restored.

Then there was another praise....I have found you God my strength. You cradle my head and breathe on me then I feel life. A light that I have followed now is deep within me, nourishing my spirit. Giving me sustenance and power with authority.

Dutch Sheets sang a bit in tongues and I heard....

In the darkness of my mine
you give me mercy.
In many ways, be glorified
Be kind to me Holy Father
I lay bare before you
longing for your truth.

Come to me Lord
Come to me
You are love, love.