Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I have not written a lot lately because of a situation in my life. I wrote a bit about it in a previous post, but will now write of the whole thing.

My home was inhabited by a spirit. Since, I see into the spirit realm this would not seem to be much of a problem, except that it would not leave. We tried all we knew to do. My husband and I prayed together for it to leave twice, a friend and myself prayed, I fasted and prayed, but to no avail.

I could not understand why it would not bow at the knee of Jesus.

I pressed in to God and received prayers from many. There was lots of advise and warnings, but nothing would help. I have removed many a demon from other peoples homes by the grace of God. But, my own home was quite the mess.

After a while, our visitor, started to feel like one of us. We always wanted it to leave, but we became use to it and were no longer startled nor uncomfortable with it around.

It told me its name. "Bebet". God had once shared with me that you can power over some by knowing its name. It stayed on the second floor and if someone came to the house it would come down to see who was here and then go back up stairs. It would, at times, get on top of me. When this happened it felt like a weight was on me. I would then tell it to get off of me by Jesus name and it would get off. But, it would not leave my home.

Finally, a friend called and said that she thought the folks on my prophetic team should come over and pray this thing out. So, we set the date and last Saturday we prayed.

After one,on the team, showed up early and we sat on my porch, this spirit came out and began to torment me. About every two minutes it would get on me. I could feel it trying to get inside of me. The feeling was unnerving but, I stood my ground.

We worshiped before we started. While worshiping it visited us. Three on the prophetic team are Christian sensitives, including me. We would get dizzy when it was in the room. At one point, I realized that all three of us were walking backwards at the same time. It was pushing us back. Again we stood our ground.

When we went upstairs we all prayed. There was eight of us walking from room to room. We heard it cry "help". One heard it moan and scream. For myself the battle that was going on inside of my head intensified. It was speaking to me and trying to gain control through me. I fought hard. To near exhaustion.

Finally, we began to shout in prayer. To contend with the heavenlies. We cursed this thing, we praise God, we read loudly from the Bible. We stomped our feet, we cried to the Lord, and finally we won.

While praying in the spirit and shouting to the Lord, those that had gone to the lower floor said that the lights were flickering and things were swaying. They were praying on the lower floor as hard as we were on the second.

Praise God. Praise God. This thing is gone. Gone!!!

My house has been swept clean and everything is right again. What did I learn? I learned that "This kind come out through prayer and fasting. That some times the resolution of such things is in God's plan. He may just be teaching you something. What did he teach me?

He taught me that in this age, when evil is being release onto the land, that standing firm will be harder than ever. That we have never had to contend we such evil power as we will now. That demons talk common since and God in not necessarily in common since. That the victory is always God's but we do and can get in the way of victory. That if we are not prepared for battle and in this age that is upon us, we need to always be prepared, that the fight we be ongoing and our spiritual defense will be broke down.

I have learned how badly we need our brothers and sisters in Christ. That through that loving family and their righteous anger love conquers all. As families should be, they will not settle for one of their own being tormented by anything.

So, all in all, I have learned how to "Fight the good fight". We, as Christians, need to see the world for what it is. It is not our home and as a foreigner in a foreign land we are not accepted. Not accepted by the world nor the evil of the spirit realm. In this place of prejudiced we have to be close to the one who gives us strength, who gives us courage and who gives us love. We can not go into battle without Him. We can not battle the forces around us without the light of God not His weapons. We need, above how, to prepare

This is not a time to be lazy not compliant. This is a time to prepare.

Ephesians 6:12

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

With this in mind we should prepare for the coming and existing battle. Because the enemy is not dumb, he attacks with familiarity, He knows you and finds ways to attack that are personal and can be emotional. He is creative and clever in battle and without God there is no way that you will be prepared. So, prepare. Press into God and put on your weapons of warfare and never take them off. You, my friend, walk in victory, but only if you prepare.

Romans 8:36-39
"For your sake we face death all day long; we are considered as sheep to be slaughtered." No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Friday, September 19, 2008


If a man commits adulatory in his mind, is it legal grounds for a divorce?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Roller Coaster

I seem to be on a roller coaster with God. I happen to be sitting in the front seat. The person in the front seat, is the one first surprised by all the dips and turns, and then warns the people in the back by their screams. That would be me. Hanging on for dear life as God and I whip around this life with me surprised and screaming at every turn.

But, most of the time, my warnings go out and reach deaf ears. I am not talking about prophetic warnings just wisdom with life warnings.

For myself. I have ridden that roller coaster for years and there are still curves that surprise me and I will take the curve by being jostled all the way. I just do not learn some of life's lessons. I know that is the definition of insanity. And it is a bit insane to keep looking for different outcomes by going through the same thing the same way.

I have, however, learned that every time I revisit the same old curve, I learn more about myself and ways to keep myself safe. Sometimes we just keep walking into the same old pain because a deep need in us still has not been met. So, without thinking, we hit the same old curve and again the pain of being jostled grows inside of us.
Will I take the curve the same way next time around. Probably, YES. Why? Because, I have still not learned that God will take care of that need. Instead, I just jump into the curve and then after the pain has subsided, then, I remember that God can ease me into that curve and take it, oh... so.... much easier.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Am Back

So, much has happened since I last wrote. But, I am going to tell you a simple, but wonderful story.

I have this terrible fear of going to see the dentist. Maybe it stems from going to butcher dentists when I was a child. But, I will do anything to not have to go to the dentist.

Last year I had a tooth start to hurt. I asked God to heal it and it would get better. But, in the last year, I have asked God to heal it several times and it always came back to pain.

I have been in fast for eleven days now. I believe that God honored my fast bythe event I am about to tell you. My tooth began to hurt. I said to God. "If it is not to be healed, can it just fall out, so I will not have to see a dentist." The next day, my tooth suddenly fell out.

I was surprised and thankful. There was no pain nor warning. It just fell out.

If God had healed my tooth, then I would not have had the proof that I have now, of His glory. I'm all grown up, very grown up, and my tooth, painlessly falls out, after I ask go to grant me such a thing. That is an awesome God.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Lord "Wins"

I do not know what to write. My life has become very uncertain. So, I lean on the promises of God.

I am learning a lot. God is teaching me about His mysteries. There is much that I need to learn, so I have taken my body into a fast. In my fast, I am expecting more spiritual truths to be unfolded before my eyes.

I watch as the spiritual realm wars for our souls. I watch and see that we, humans give up easily to the threat from the evil one. I see how easily we are deceived and how easily we blame others for our problems.

The supernatural ride that I am on right now, is one that can question your sanity. Questions pop up into ones head and you check your reality with others. Peace comes when one realizes that others are walking in the same insanity that you are and all is well with you reality.

Distorted, as my reality has becomes, I hold on to God while He walks me through this time of revelation. Knowing that "Jesus wins" in the end, I hold onto that victory and look the enemy straight in the eyes. Those eyes do not bring me into fear, just into more questions that I wait for the Lord to answer.

This is not a lesson that I would have signed up for. I only stay in the lesson because of God. It would be easy to just walk away from this and drive it deep into the recesses of my mind. But, I can not walk away from what God has, for me, no matter how uncomfortable it may be.
I have been given a lot of advise. Some with the givers own agenda in mind. Some with my demise from leadership in mind. Some using the same old, same old. Some from the heart. Some advise has been very good and from God. Some advise has been bad.

I wait, holding onto all the advise, but waiting. I fast and prayer waiting for the Lord to give me revelation. He alone holds the key to the door of knowledge. He alone will show me the way to the truth and the light. I wait upon the Lord.
So, my flesh screams to be relieved from this lot, but I can hear my Lord "But not my will, but yours."

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Not In My House

With all my children in one spot, it has been crazy at my house. But, that does not stop the spirit realm from creating chaos.

Things got weird around here even for me.

My oldest boy is staying on the second floor of my house with his new wife. He came down and told me, one day, that the top mattress on his bed had been moved. I did not put much into that, thinking that it had just moved from the two of them moving about while asleep. But, one night his wife went up to sleep and while she was laying on the bed it began to shake and then it move, the top mattress, about a foot off the bed.

She came down stairs, a bit unnerved, to tell us. We all went to see and sure enough it was moved again. So, my husband and I started praying and while praying I saw a spirit in one of the rooms. I prayed that this thing would leave and nothing happened. I would walk around the in the different rooms and could feel this vile spirit going, also, from room to room.

I could not understand why it was there, or why it did not leave. I was getting a bit angry. Calling out to God to make this thing leave, demanding in Jesus name it leave. But, still it stayed. Then the strangest thing, for me, happened. I was standing next to my son and his wife when I heard someone laugh. I said to my son, "did you just laugh?" He said, "No, I was hoping it was you." I looked at his wife and she shook her head "No" to show me she did not laugh. But, we all heard the laugh.

I asked my son to mimic the sound and sure enough we all heard the same thing. Usually, I am the only one who hears these kinds of things. It felt really strange to me. I started asking God questions.

"This sounds like a haunting, Lord." "Is there really such a thing" "Do those shows that look for ghosts, get rid of them and if so how?"
A lot of questions and not a lot of answers. I was not sure what to do. So, I took a break to continue seeking the Lord. After a while, my son joined me. Then suddenly God began to lead me into the direction that I needed to go. I asked my son. "Those people that you were staying with before you moved to Kansas, did someone practice witchcraft?"

He answered with a "yes". Then I asked, "Did that person ever get mad at you?" The answer was "yes". That was were this thing had come from. A spell or curse or whatever you want to call it had been placed on my son. This mad me madder than ever. So, I began to pray and break the curse or assignment in Jesus name.

It has been two days and nothing is happening up stairs. Peace has returned to my house.
I had never thought about demons haunting a place. Moving things, laughing. But, I saw it happen. I can remember when I first became a Christian and I was thumped on the head and had the sensation of a finger running down my back. I was so young in the Lord at the time but knew that something was wrong, but did not understand the spirit realm like I do now.

What happened in the last few days makes me wonder about how many people are being tormented in such a way. In these last days evil is intensifying and more and more people will become tormented by such things. I pray that these people will find the power of the Lord and the leading of the Lord to stop all assignments from the evil one.