Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Not In My House

With all my children in one spot, it has been crazy at my house. But, that does not stop the spirit realm from creating chaos.

Things got weird around here even for me.

My oldest boy is staying on the second floor of my house with his new wife. He came down and told me, one day, that the top mattress on his bed had been moved. I did not put much into that, thinking that it had just moved from the two of them moving about while asleep. But, one night his wife went up to sleep and while she was laying on the bed it began to shake and then it move, the top mattress, about a foot off the bed.

She came down stairs, a bit unnerved, to tell us. We all went to see and sure enough it was moved again. So, my husband and I started praying and while praying I saw a spirit in one of the rooms. I prayed that this thing would leave and nothing happened. I would walk around the in the different rooms and could feel this vile spirit going, also, from room to room.

I could not understand why it was there, or why it did not leave. I was getting a bit angry. Calling out to God to make this thing leave, demanding in Jesus name it leave. But, still it stayed. Then the strangest thing, for me, happened. I was standing next to my son and his wife when I heard someone laugh. I said to my son, "did you just laugh?" He said, "No, I was hoping it was you." I looked at his wife and she shook her head "No" to show me she did not laugh. But, we all heard the laugh.

I asked my son to mimic the sound and sure enough we all heard the same thing. Usually, I am the only one who hears these kinds of things. It felt really strange to me. I started asking God questions.

"This sounds like a haunting, Lord." "Is there really such a thing" "Do those shows that look for ghosts, get rid of them and if so how?"
A lot of questions and not a lot of answers. I was not sure what to do. So, I took a break to continue seeking the Lord. After a while, my son joined me. Then suddenly God began to lead me into the direction that I needed to go. I asked my son. "Those people that you were staying with before you moved to Kansas, did someone practice witchcraft?"

He answered with a "yes". Then I asked, "Did that person ever get mad at you?" The answer was "yes". That was were this thing had come from. A spell or curse or whatever you want to call it had been placed on my son. This mad me madder than ever. So, I began to pray and break the curse or assignment in Jesus name.

It has been two days and nothing is happening up stairs. Peace has returned to my house.
I had never thought about demons haunting a place. Moving things, laughing. But, I saw it happen. I can remember when I first became a Christian and I was thumped on the head and had the sensation of a finger running down my back. I was so young in the Lord at the time but knew that something was wrong, but did not understand the spirit realm like I do now.

What happened in the last few days makes me wonder about how many people are being tormented in such a way. In these last days evil is intensifying and more and more people will become tormented by such things. I pray that these people will find the power of the Lord and the leading of the Lord to stop all assignments from the evil one.


Sunny said...

'Just passin thru'
Do know these things can happen in the spiritual realm....
At the moment cannot download pics from library and due to immune system gone and many things I cannot be on the computer as I could...
But Yorkshire \Garden does have some pics
If you care to see my garden at home...
You can read why I am in the condo
Every blessing....

Anonymous said...

Yes, Dear One imitating us is one thing that they easily do.

They've woken me up in the middle of the night, imitating my Mother's voice (who was in my house on that night).

They've done this often, though.

They're the ultimate deceivers!

Bluebirdy said...

Hi Sis, How's the lupus? I have always linked to this site, so you could add my blog to "who links to me." Just today I switched it from the supernatural site to the lupus site, but I could change it back if u want. I love your site because I have had lots of experience fighting Satan and demons in my life and casting out spirits from homes. My husband is in the warzone overseas, and he is scared of the supernatural, so I cast a spirit out of the house he is staying in, from 10,000 miles away! That was amazing that you thought to ask if someone had dealt with witchcraft and that you figured out it was a curse. Welcome to the last days where the veil between the spirit world and this one will continue to get thinner until the second coming and supernatural things will happen so often they won't be called supernatural anymore. Who would ever think that our kids would not only have to deal with drugs and sex and the media, but also UFOs, aliens, and spirits and demons? I guess that's why the strongest spirits were saved until the last days. Next time this happens to you or anyone you know, this is what I was taught and it works...raise your right arm to look like a half square, elbow bent at 45 degrees, and say "In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I command you to LEAVE!!" I tried one time and it wasn't working and I tried a couple more times, and then I heard the spirit say "HAHA you can't command me, you forgot to say the word "Lord"...well I thought "thanks for the instructions" so I said it using the word LORD, that I had forgot, and he left moaning. Then another time when it didn't work, the scripture was put into my heart "this spirit cometh not out but by fasting and prayer" so I got the people out of the house and fasted and prayed for about 24 hours, went back and did it again, prayed with real strong intent, prayed first for total protection from whatever this thing was, and it took about half an hour of praying, waiting, praying, waiting, then I could feel the spirit go. It's true when you fast, you are much more sensitive to spiritual things. Well sorry this is so long. We are strong, dear. Our grandmothers could not imagine 1) a woman having the authority to scare away spirits 2) Us dealing with spirits at all unless we were in the priesthood or something.
Bless you!

Stacie said...

This is a pretty amazing post. I hope that while these things are happening you are walking in the power of God and leading lost sinners to Christ more and more each day.

Given55 said...

Thank you everyone for responding. Things have gotten much worse. When all is well, I will give more detail. For now, please remember us in prayer.