Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Am Back

So, much has happened since I last wrote. But, I am going to tell you a simple, but wonderful story.

I have this terrible fear of going to see the dentist. Maybe it stems from going to butcher dentists when I was a child. But, I will do anything to not have to go to the dentist.

Last year I had a tooth start to hurt. I asked God to heal it and it would get better. But, in the last year, I have asked God to heal it several times and it always came back to pain.

I have been in fast for eleven days now. I believe that God honored my fast bythe event I am about to tell you. My tooth began to hurt. I said to God. "If it is not to be healed, can it just fall out, so I will not have to see a dentist." The next day, my tooth suddenly fell out.

I was surprised and thankful. There was no pain nor warning. It just fell out.

If God had healed my tooth, then I would not have had the proof that I have now, of His glory. I'm all grown up, very grown up, and my tooth, painlessly falls out, after I ask go to grant me such a thing. That is an awesome God.


LAS said...

I love it when God answers a simple prayer. But when it happens like that, as you describe, you understand God knows exactly what your thoughts and feelings are, he becomes much more personal to you. He knows when a sparrow falls and He says we are much more important than that little sparrow. God Is Great!