Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Being Relentless

Satan seems to be working overtime, as of late.

In the last week, I have had two women flee to my house from their husbands. Another, woman, called for emotional support, as she had just called the police to have her husband picked up for abuse.

All three women and husbands are serious followers of our Lord Jesus Christ. All three events were brought around by drugs and or alcohol. All three are still struggling. One, the wife, is also bound up by drugs.

We can easily see that Satan has a hand in these marriages. We know the story, "Satan is trying to kill me." "Satan is trying to destroy my life." etc. But, sometimes, those quit being the whole truth and instead become an easy excuse for our own choices.

The post I wrote last was a word from God that spoke of "being relentless". I had a dream the other night and in the dream I was chasing God. He was in front of me, running, and I was just behind Him, running. I could not catch Him. I was so close, but could not quite get to Him. But, I was relentless in my pursuit.

Being relentless keeps my eyes on God. I can not look to the left or the right. To drugs or to alcohol. Because if I do take my eyes off of my object of pursuit, I will fall, stumble, lose sight of my God.

I grew tired in my dream. When the fatigue set in, I could have, by choice, stopped or slowed down. Then, my eyes will begin to take in the world that is around me. My pursuit, might, take on a whole new look and track. Feeling fatigued and resting I see what the world has to offer and just might, by choice, take those things to pursue, instead of God. After all, the things of the world are easily gotten, easily seen, easily excused away.
Now, with my eyes off of God, I can easily excuse my new behavior away by saying Satan made me do it. And in some respects this is true, but not entirely. We hold a great deal of responsibility in our fall from grace. We have chosen to quit our pursuit of God. We have chosen to take our eyes off of the Living God and put them on death. We have chosen to disgrace God and lift ourselves on high.

In these end times, we certainly need to be relentless. Satan is working overtime, in that I am sure. But, we are victorious over the things of Satan and the only way we can fall prey to Satan's schemes is by making a choice to turn to him instead of God. We play an important role in the fight for our soul's, it is a role of choice. Satan does not get all the glory for the misstep of God's people.

So, I can either be relentless in my pursuit of God or I can be relentless in my pursuit of drugs, alcohol, sex, crime, food etc. I can either say "no" to the things of this earth, or I can say 'Yes" to God. It is easy to get caught up in the things of this world, but once you do, you need to take responsibility for that and fight your way back to the one who loves you. In your fighting, BE RELENTLESS.


FancyHorse said...

Hello! I am visiting from Phelan's blog, A Homesteading Neophyte. Your blog is amazing! Very thought-provoking and inspirational. Thank you.


(I met Phelan on Bookcrossing)

Given55 said...

Fancy horse,

Thank you for the encouraging words. I do appreciate your thoughts.