Wednesday, August 27, 2008

To Busy

Life is so busy. It is difficult to find the time to sit and focus on Jesus. So, I fall back on the discipline of catching every thought to the obedience of God.

Staying focused on God in the business of our minds can be a enormous task. It can become frustrating and overwhelming. We begin to tell ourselves that communing with God twenty four hours a day is impossible and then give up. But, I tell you that it is not impossible and in this age, we need to practice finding God in everything.

For myself, there is just no way that, at this time, I can sit down and just wait or meditate on the Lord. So, I have found that I can be with God and know I am with God 24/7.

Through the discipline of catching every thought I have found that I praise God or pray constantly in the back of my head. It is like a second thought, that lies beneath the thoughts throughout the day. These thoughts have become a natural process throughout my day.

I can hear myself praising God while I talk to others or concentrate on a project. This has become a habit, a natural part of my thinking process. It helps me to stay in intimate contact with my Lord. It brings me peace and strength.

I began this discipline by making sure that my thoughts were on the Lord. I would make a conscious effort to only think of God. When I would find my thoughts moving away from God, I would quickly bring them back to God. It took many months of concentrated effort to have this discipline become a part of my everyday life, but the outcome of that effort is incredible.