Monday, August 25, 2008

Generational Gifts

Are spiritual gifts inherited? I am seeing this in my life and family.

All my sons have seen into the spirit realm. Two have been spoke to by demons and had to deal with them on some level.

My daughter, however, dreams. She claims to not be a believer, but does believe in the signs of the end of days. I suppose this is hard to dispute with all that is going on. The dreams that God gives her are prophetic. They speak of things to come. Most of the times, she does not remember the dream or puts it on the back burner for later examination.

She has, however, over the last few years, had a recurring dream. In the dream, she is on our farm. Her oldest brother is there, I suppose you could say he was guarding the area. A woman arrives on a horse and she is pregnant. My daughter helps her to deliver the child and the woman dies. The dream then skips to the future and my daughter is raising the child. In the dream, my daughter knows the name of the child, which I will say only starts with a M.

This dream comes and goes with my daughter and has concerned her for a while. Then the other night, while I was minding my own business, God suddenly spoke to me about the dream. I was in a vision and saw the face of the woman on the horse. I recognized the face, as someone close to me. I tried to remember my daughters dream, but could not recall it in its entirety. So, I jumped up and called her. I asked questions. In my vision the woman has black hair. My daughter stated that the child had black hair. Then the kicker, the name of the child is the same has the woman in the dream.

This person has just come into our family. I have asked God, if He gave this dream to my daughter so we could pray against this event. I got no clear answer. So, like Jesus, I am praying that if He would, would He take this from our family. But not my will, but His will be done.