Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"It's about Me"

The Lord has called me an "Dutiful Alarm". So, I again send up an alarm. I asked the Lord, this past Sunday, how we are to prepare for the coming darkness. He answered me with three words "It's about Me."

This prophetic word was sent to me and I now share it with you. It is about "Him" and I obediently sound this alarm.

This is a Maverick Nation
prophecy by Don Franklin

I am He that holds the winds of the Earth in my hand and I hold the future of the nations in my hand, and I will stand and I will raise a standard in this nation, and this nation will become a maverick nation, saith the Lord. It will rebel against the World Order. It will rebel against the hand of the Antichrist. It will rebel against what is coming upon the nations of this planet, and this nation will stand as the very armor bear of God and resist the evil that is coming.

There will be a huge gigantic clash, saith the Lord. Prepare yourself; prepare yourself for battle, saith God. For the days that are coming will be full of conflict and battle, but I will give a peace to those who are upon their knees; you will find the peace of God in the midst of incredible storms upon your knees. Only those that are submitted to God will survive. Those that are ruling and reigning from their knees will be able to stand the flood that is coming in the coming days.

Get to your faces; get to your knees; get to the lowest place you can find. Find favor with God; find grace. Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord; Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord; Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. There is a Noah anointing – a Noah mantle – coming upon the nations for those who will find grace in the eyes of the Lord.

Humble yourself. Go to the back of the feast. Confess your sins. Fall down before the Mighty King of Glory, for he comes to the nations to shake and to tear asunder and to do everything that is within his heart to take care of the things that are displeasing to him. Those heads that are stuck up above the pews will be cut off by the sword of the Lord.

The sword of the Lord is coming through the House of God, through the houses of God and it will take off the heads of everyone who is not upon the carpet remitting, asking for forgiveness for their transgressions, and their sins, and humbling themselves before the Mighty One of the Universe.

Fall down before him and find grace in the eyes of God. Come to the Son. Let remission come to your life. Let confession come to your heart. Let grace of God fall upon you that when you stand, you stand in his righteousness. When you walk, you walk in his footsteps. When you speak, you speak the very words of God.

Find grace in the eyes of the Lord. Seek the Lord while he may be found. There is a time; there is a space. I am still allowing mass repentance across the nations, but there is coming a time when the hearts of those who are enemies of God will be hardened in their conditions and they will not find the salvation of God and they will be sent to their eternal destinies.

So, while grace is upon thee, find the grace of the Lord. Preach the grace of God to the nations. Preach the grace of God to the nations. Preach the grace of God to the nations, that there is still a window, a season and time to find the Almighty, to find the grace of God, to find compassion in the Father's heart, for it is not my will that they should perish. The Holy Spirit will convict you. No one needs to come and tell you your sins. The Holy Ghost will tell you what you've done right or wrong in the eyes of God, in the sight of God.

You will know you have found a deliverance with God, when the peace of God floods your heart and your soul. If you have not peace with God, then come to the altar and let us agree together, saith the Lord. Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as snow. I will wash you white. I will take care of every problem you've ever had if you will simply come and say, "I am in need, my God. I realize I'm a mess; I'm I wreck; I'm in trouble; help me, God! Help me; help me; help me!"

My ear is open to the cry of the Righteous. My heart can be moved with compassion for those who are suffering, even within the Church. Those who are caught in the webs of lies and deceit and sins, repent, saith God. There's time; there's space; there's season to get right with the Almighty and to walk in the white righteousness of his robes and to be received into heaven in glory and power. That is the message that is going to go out to the churches in the coming days.

Repent for the Great One of Glory comes to inspect his bride, to see his church and to bring both rewards in one hand and correction in the other. Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, we do persuade men to repent.


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