Friday, February 12, 2010


Because we are coming into a new season we must change.

Over the last year or so , I have said multiple times that we need to prepare spiritually for the battle ahead. Now, I will go further.

We are coming into a new season. This season will be full of contradictions. You will see miracles from God and then you will see evil from hell. You will see, as I am sure you already have, the good in people wither away into consumption of evil.

God will and is doing new things and if His people will respond to this new thing they will see His glory. He does these new things because we are a new people. Different from our past generations. More skeptical. More resolute to the negative. More leaning toward the state of mind "show me" rather than a faith state of mind. So, He will bring a new thing into this new season.

The Lord is hovering over cities and people. He is hovering to bring a new birth. Just as He hovered over Mary and a child was born, He is again hovering and birthing. But, do we see the followers of this day running to see this new birth or are they cuddled in their warm homes, complacent and content with the status quo.

Being prepared spiritually means being ready to get out of our box. To be able to except a new thing from God, and to do this we must change.

We must look into our selves and look for those things in us that God finds repulsive. Not those things that we see ourselves doing every day, although, they also, need to be taken care of, but look deep. There are roots, generational roots, that need to be taken care of.

The old saying, something about a bad apple spoiling the whole bunch. This is true of our root. A bad root can and will ruin the rest of our growth. So, we either take care of that root by getting rid of it or and this is what we see most people doing, we just take care of the rest of the growth trying to stay ahead of the rot catching up we us.

Best to cut out that piece that leads us into hell. Then instead of us taking care to not let the rot catch us, we can relax and let God nourish our growth.

God sees that root and wants us to fix the problem. We ignore the root and will suffer the consequence.

When this new things comes and the glory of God is within this new thing, will you be able to enjoy or will you feel dirty and unworthy. Do. you have a root that needs to be taken care of. Then , dear reader, go into your prayer closet and turn it into an operating room. Give God the scalpel and let Him cut that thing out of you. Then you will enjoy the new thing and know that God is doing this new thing, just for you.