Friday, February 5, 2010

A Dream

I fell the other night and cracked or bruised my rib. I am in a lot of pain and on pain medication. So, my mind is floating on drugs. But, I have something that I want to share. So, I hope that it will make sense.

I had a dream a few weeks back. In the dream, I am in the country. I am standing next to a house with my dog. The house is yellow, so it is not my farm house. I can not see another human being any where.

I look to the north and I see a fire storm coming at me. It is huge. Taller than any tree that I have ever seen and as wide as the east is to the west. There was a wind inside of it that made the fire roll and crash like the waves at the ocean side.

I knew that my dog and myself were about to die. I did not want my dog to fear, so I laid down on the ground and held onto him. As we laid there waiting, I said to the heavenlies, "God take me."

About that moment, I left my body and began to watch the scene from above. When I looked down on my body, the fire was rolling across and my body was not experiencing pain. But, the body that I was looking at, was now myself as a child. Then I woke up.

I am a very blessed person. I never remember my dreams in less they are from God. So, I began to ask God what the dream meant.

I did not get to far. No answer was forth coming. So, I shared the dream with my home church to see if God would speak through one of them. He did.

An end time dream, my friends began to seek God for answers. Weather, the fire storm was prophetic or not no one is sure. But, the rest of the dream became very clear. For myself, I have a need to always bring comfort to those in need. Even my dog would not be allowed to fear without comfort. The message from God that I must share with you is this.... That in this time. In this trial. In this struggle come to Him as a child.

The Word tells us this:

Matthew 18:3
Then he said, "I tell you the truth, you must change and become like little children. Otherwise, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

God has called me a dutiful alarm. So, I am sounding an alarm. It is of the utmost importance that you, dear reader, learn how to come to the Lord, rely on the Lord, as a child would their own parents.

We are in a time of many changes and trials. We will find that there is no where for us to turn, no one to help us, no peace. The chaos in your life might feel horrible now, just wait. This is only a fore taste of what is to come.

Pray, dear reader, pray. Ask your God to help you learn His ways and to teach you how to come to him as a child.

While my home church group was discussing my dream the Lord showed me more. When a child is born there is a blank slate in there brain. They have somethings that come by instinct for survival, but other than that, there is more or less nothing. Total reliance on those around them. There is not even trust there. This comes as the child grows. The child does, however, know the voice of God. This child just came from the maker of the universe and has not been thus far poisoned by the things of this earth. The child has a link to God.

This is how we need to be in this time. To be a blank slate transfixed on God. Coming to Him like a child. How to achieve this

. Psalm 119:105
Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path

If I know the Word, which is how I was before I was born, then I will know how to react in any situation. The Word gives me comfort and peace. It instructs me in my daily life. I learn to lean on the Word, which is the Lord, in all things. It is my parent. The Word is what feeds me, it is what I rely on and trust. I learn from learning the word how to come to God has a child.

I become a child.