Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Changing Lives

This last weekend, I went to a woman's breakfast at my church. A woman from the church spoke on self image and how God made you. Her story was awesome. While she spoke many were touch and the grief. anger and resentment came up in many.

There was a plan in place for me to get up while she was praying and take over. It was remarkable what God did.

I told them to keep their eyes closed in contemplation. Then I took them through an inner healing. A short inner healing that just focused on whatever memory was brought up for them during the time this woman had spoken.

While I spoke more women began to break down with pain from life. God was moving and the healing began. I shared with them the true essence of who they are "fearfully and wonderfully made". While they were focused on the image of the past, I had them forgive and repent. Then they broke the soul and spirit tie to that person, place or thing and give back and take back anything that was stolen from them or that they had left behind.

healing hands
God healed many and brought new awareness to others of healing that needs to be done. Before I got up I had asked God to speak for me because I did not have any idea how to go about an inner healing on a crowd. I had thought about it for weeks but could never come up with anything that felt right. As I spoke, I heard stuttering and a lot of pauses. I thought, "this is no good. It will not touch anyone."

I suppose I did not trust the Lord, because it did not seem to matter what was coming out of my mouth, God was doing a work. Just as I had ask from Him, He was speaking for me and what I heard coming out of my mouth and what the women heard coming out of my mouth were two different things.

He used me to heal the pain of their lives. He spoke through me and reached each one of them individually. They could feel His presence and felt that He was just speaking to them alone. They are right. Last Saturday was the day the Lord chose for them to be healed. Their victory day.

It was beautiful. God orchestrates everything. Even in a room, in a church, in Wichita.... God changed lives.


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Godbless you as you keep on working for our God and Saviour Jesus Christ Amem