Thursday, October 30, 2008

Watching God Move

God is so good!!! So gracious!!!

A few weeks back, with an inner healing, I saw another of God's miracles. We met with a young woman whom had many issues from her past and wanted freedom. The healing was going on well when I suddenLy realized that she had some mental illness.

God spoke to me, so I asked the question. "Do you ever lose time." One of the members on my team spoke up and said "Yes she does." An example was that one night her husband found her outside, in the middle of the night, getting in her car to go somewhere. She did not remember nor know where she was going. She shared with me that she loses time often.

She had, also, shared earlier in the healing, that she had an invisible playmate when she was young called "Curt". I sat back in my chair and had a conversation with God. Here I am trained in the natural to deal with Dissociative Disorder or Multiple personality disorder and yet God was taking me to a spiritual healing. My natural training kicked in, for a moment. But, then my understanding of whom God is broke through the natural and I said to myself "God can take care of this." So, I began to pray through and watch God bring this woman back together.

Now, I had to let go of all the natural training that I have had and just let God be God. I asked to speak to "Curt" just in case "Curt" was a personality instead of an invisible playmate. I, also, by this time had come to the belief that we were looking at demons not alternate personalties.

Sure enough, her breathing changed, her attitude and her body posture. Next thing I knew, she lunged forward in her chair and came within inches of my face. It startled me, but I knew not to let this show nor to back down myself. This thing became threatening. So, I told it to be quite and sit back. There was a reluctance to sit back, but with the name of Jesus being spoke, she sat back.


Off and on there was threatening jesters. Several lunges at me and snide remarks. Trying to be tough and disarming. We remained in prayer and sought the Lord in every word that came out of my mouth.

There were tow demons. To boys. Both were rather mean and did not want to leave. For the woman sitting in front of me, she was floating in an out of reality. She would be there one moment then the next gone. These demons spoke often, so I bound them up so that they would not try to control the situation nor influence that woman either.

Deliverance came after a short while. It was beautiful to see and to know that God's truth are always founded in His hand. He reached down to this woman and set her free. She had been drawn several time to kill herself and had cut her arms to destroy the body. The new woman I met in that moment of deliverance was truly a woman of light.


She continues to walk free. She is gifted in the supernatural and I am sure that this is why, this assignment to destroy, had been put on her. She is young and has a wonderful life, with Christ, ahead of her. Freedom.....freedom...God is so true to His promises. Man would say that someone suffering in this way has very little hope of a stable and joyful life. But, God says, "Be healed by my name" and with that all things are possible.


Anonymous said...

I hope you are feeling better soon...