Friday, October 31, 2008


So...I am radio active. Cool!!!

Yesterday, I was sitting in my living room, when I suddenly started to have some pain. My jaw began to hurt. Then the pain moved into my neck and my chest became tight. The pain in my neck and jaw was quite painful. I suspected that I was having a heart attack. My son has been a first responder and he thought I was having a heart attack. So, I went to the hospital where they thought I might be having a heart attack.

Stayed over night. It is a terrible thing to be a Christian sensitive and to be in the hospital. I was woke up every hour by a different spirit in my room. They would wake me up, I would see them, look at the clock and complain. Not happy that my sleep was being interupted.

In the morning I got into this long line a wheel chairs to take a stress test, where they injected a raio active compond. My husband says I will glow tonight for Halloween. Anyways, the outcome is that there is no damage to my heart and it does not look like I had a heart attack.

The theory is that I blew a blood clot. Scary theory, but I am alright now. When this event was happening to me, I talked to God. I said to Him, "I really do not think that my time is up here. It seems that You have much more for me to do. So, I am going to relax and get through this thing>"

I was right and God is good. Still more for me to do. I am, however, sore from multiple medical procedures and weary from lack of sleep. I do not always understand the presence of spirits. But, I hope that I move on after my death and do not linger in some medical facility.


Saul said...

We will just have to exorcise you to where you belong if that happens!

Given55 said...

Thank You, Saul, my son. I have hope now.

FancyHorse said...

Are you sure it wasn't the nurses waking you up to give you a sleeping pill?

Given55 said...


I wish.

Anita said...

I'm very glad you're ok!

Channelofhealing said...

Thank God for Mercies Halleluyah

You are blessed in Jesus Mighty Nme Amen

Given55 said...

Anita and Channel of Healing,

Thank you both so very much. God has indeed blessed me.

Shea said...

Cayeene pepper and or extracts are good for the heart, suppost to even revive a person I read,
glad you are ok

Desert Cat said...

Well praise God it wasn't what you suspected!

I was in the hospital about a year ago for a suspected heart attack. They ran all the tests and my heart came out looking just fine. I needed to get on blood pressure medication, but it wasn't a heart attack.

Near the end of the hospital stay, the pain got a bit more localized in my jaw and I realized I needed a root canal! Fortunately my insurance picked up most of the cost of the hospital stay and part of the cost of my root canal. Otherwise I'd have felt even more foolish.

Given55 said...

I'm always ready for an organic way to heal. Thank you

Dessert Cat,

Praise the Lord for insurance.