Monday, October 13, 2008

An Ordained Time

I never know what will happen next in my walk with God. It is certainly never boring and I have come to expect, the unexpected.

I was in a class the other day that helps find your purpose in life. I assist in teaching this class and love to be there to see the changes in women's lives. During class it was obvious that one women at a major headache. So, it was decided that after class, we were about to close, that we would lay hands on her and pray healing.

Myself and another leader prayed for her and watched God work. Her headache was relieved and she felt blessed. The young woman that was praying with me, asked me to pray over her mother that was in the class. Now, her mother is one that I felt I could read pretty well.

In the class I could see that she was over wrought and very stressed. That she could not find relief from the everyday stress that she herself had put on to herself and there, sitting in that stress was not finding God.

I told her what I saw and she began to cry. But, when I touched her to pray, she suddenly manifested an oppressing spirit. I was surprised. I did not see that one coming. Her face began to contort and her body to rock. She was moaning and crying. So, I began to pray against this thing of evil that was oppressing her.

She grabbed my knee and squeezed. Then she would slapped my knee, then squeeze again. It was quite painful, so I started relaxing my knee, so that my concentration was were it needed to be. I prayed for what seemed like a very long time.

She suddenly said, "I see light. A little bit of light". This gave me a handle on where we were. So, I prayed against darkness and prayed that the light of the Lord fall upon her.

She began to speak in tongues. Not sure if she ever had tongues before this. I have had people pray in what seems like tongues, but then recognized it to not be a tongue from God. So, I listened to her and realized that she was speaking a tongue from God.

She wailed. Then just as fast as this began, it stopped. She sat back and took a deep breath. "wow". "Where did that come from?, she asked.

I told her, that this was her ordained time from God, to be set free. No longer was she to be oppressed by evil. She is free.

You never know when God is going to put you to work. Just like we must always be ready for the fight in the heavenlies, we muse also be ready to be called by God to obedience. There I was minding my own business and suddenly God appears and the world changes.

Thank You God.


Anonymous said...

Will say a prayer tonight that the Spirit stays strong in you and that God blesses you for your work!

Psychic said...

Nice story. Very healthy for me to read(spiritually). Thanks for sharing

Given55 said...

Thank you both.