Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Weather is Driving Me to Cut Wood

I know that I am late to post. I know that I stated I was starting a new blog. I know that I need to get a watch. But, I also know, that I need God.

This has been a wild few days. I did start the new blog. It is at The Tough Get Going. It is about a new adventure that myself and my family are setting out on.

As for my being late to post today. Well, we here in Kansas have been having really bad weather. REALLY BAD. A lot of tornado's, straight line winds, and huge hail. Last night we were have out 5th night of horrible weather. I did not think that it was as bad as it has been the last few days. But, while sitting on my couch, I heard a loud explosion and crackling sounds. I thought a transformer had blew up.

All the power went out. So, I found the lanterns and candles, then went to the back window to see if a transformer was on fire. Could not see a things. My back yard is part of a forest in town and was very dark. My brother came down from the upstairs and said when he looked out something did not look right in my son's backyard. My son owns the house next door.
We went out and there it was. A huge, I mean huge, Oak tree laying in my son's backyard. It was my tree. It sat on my property, fell through my son's new fence and landed in his yard. It takes up the entire yard.
We called for help. But, because we were not the only one with problems, we were told it would be 2-4 hours before the electric company would be out. So, 4 hours later they show up and say that until we can get some of the tree limbs out of the way, they will not hook our electrical line back up. We went to bed.

This morning the horrible mess became vivid. This will take a long time, si all we could think. But, we got to work or at least the guys did. I took pictures. First an ax was used, while my husband went for the chain saw. Then came the chain saw and ropes. Now, we have cleared the area so the electrical lines could be put back. So, the call goes out to the electric company. Another 2-4 hours wait. So, we sat down and ordered lunch.

Finally, we have the men with the right tools and I get electricity.
Now, what to do with this enormous tree. Called the tree man. Believe it or not God sent us the most incredible tree man. He is doing the whole thing for $300.oo. We will keep the wood, knowing we can use it on the farm. This man states, he just wants to help people. Awesome.

We will, together, as a family fix the fence and I hope that my excitement is over. The trip to the farm on Saturday and storm after storm. I'm wanting to just have a relaxing day without any events. Good luck say's "I".

Throughout everything, God is always present and working His plan. We are blessed in so many ways. The house was not harmed, the price for clean up is incredible and over the last few days my children and I have made many plans and are growing closer. God's plans. I love His every plan.


tkwi said...

You guys are very lucky. Back in 2003 a tree fell on a mobile home a few blocks away from me and split it in half. It fell through the living room and accross the trailer. The lady who owned it was sitting on her couch. It just missed her and she was unharmed.

Cheap or not, $300 is a lot of money for a tree :(

I just discovered that the Poplar tree in my front yard hasn't gotten any leaves yet. I think it is dead too.

Given55 said...

Sure hope that tree is not dead. I love trees. It was, likely, to cost us over $1000.00 before we found this wonderful tree man.

That lady sure was in God's hands.

We are keeping the wood for and on the farm

Anonymous said...

'Morning Given. Glad everything is as good as it is. I've been out of town for a few days, but checked your site from time to time, however, I didn't really have time to read (just a quick glance).

Aunt D.

Given55 said...

Aunt D,

I have wondered about and prayed for you. Glad to hear you are ok.