Friday, May 16, 2008

Well, "OK"

There are times in our lives when we just want to say, "I quit". Well, I came close in the mountains.

First, my computer broke. Ouch!!! It is now being fixed.

A friend went with me to the mountains. We went there so my oldest son could face some charges he had from his life as a drunk. While there I stayed with another son.

Well, the 0ldest son, went to jail. This was no surprise to me, but I still was unhappy. He will serve 22 days and then come back to Kansas to try sobriety. I have faith that this will happen.

So, my friend and I stayed with my other son to show her the sites. Well, this was fun, but it began to snow. It snowed a lot. Really, a lot. We could not leave. Stuck, oh yea, we were stuck.

She called her husband and told him. His response was to get a bottle of alcohol and drink himself into stupidity. He was suppose to be taking care of her 4 children. He brought his girlfriend, yep that is what I said, my friends, husband, brought his girlfriend, into their home. He decided to get intimate with the girlfriend in front of the children. The oldest of the children drew a glass of water on them. The husband took off after the daughter and tried to hit her in the front yard. A neighbor stepped in and took the blow. So, you guessed it, a fist fight started. The oldest then called a relative for help and the children left the home.

Ok. Now my friend, stuck in the mountains, is loosing it. Don't blame her. In order to talk on the phone, cell phone, there where no house phones, you had to stand outside in the falling snow and not move an inch or you would loose signal. She stood out there for hours trying to understand, figure out and resolve what was happening in her home 900 miles away.

I kept asking God, "What is going on?" The answer came from my friend. She had been in the marriage for 17 years. He has beat her, in the past and continues to drink and have girlfriends. The last year, there have been many split ups and make ups. She has always tried to fix him.

God showed her on this trip that she had no control. Absolutely none. She knew this intellectually but not on the level she needed to know. She had no where to turn but to God and she turned, feeling helpless and knowing how badly she needed him.

The weather began to turn a bit better, but my friend, who drove, was a bit afraid to drive. So, I took the keys and off we went. We drove over this incredible pass that twisted and turned. It snowed and was slick at times. But, God drove while I prayed.

We are home. My friend has a Protection order and he, the husband, had to leave. She was here last night confessing to her control issue and praising God for the ultimate lesson.

For myself, I am grateful to God that my friend received the lesson and am glad that he used this time to show her the way. But, for me. I just wanted to quit. Sit down, watch the world go by and eat. Yep, eat. But, you can never quit. God continues to use you even when it seems the darkest of times. I watched as he orchestrated these events and set free a friend in need.


Chester Goad said...

Checked out your blog today. Will be praying for your son! I love the "As for me and my Blog" ..may I steal that? How'd you do that? It's awesome.

Check out my blog at

Channelofhealing said...

Oh Given55, am so sorry to hear about your son, I Pray God gives you more grace and strenghten you to continue in faith in Jesus Mighty Name Amen.

Anonymous said...

Well, what did you expect going off without your "favorite aunt"?? :)

Know what you are going through with your children, how I wish God would take the blinders off their eyes...I really think our youth (and not so young) are blinded. I tried to talk to my step son today but it went right over his head, it's like they just don't get it! Sometimes I think of giving up on our children, but of course, I won't, I love them too long as I have breath, I'll continue to ask God to have mercy on them. I'll also ask for more faith for myself to believe it will happen.

Sorry, I didn't mean to get off on my problems....I know you have your plate full right now. Anyway, I'm still crying because you didn't take me on your excursion...just joking!

Glad you are back.

Aunt D.

Given55 said...

Chester Goad,

Just click on the banner and you will find many to choose from. I will be checking out your blog. Thanks for commenting.


Thank you again, for your prayers. This, I hope, is the best thing that could happen to my son.

Aunt D,

You can go with me any where any time. Children are such a blessing and then "NOT". You can go off on my comments anytime.

Aisha said...

Hi Given, it's been a while! I missed visiting your site. Sorry I wasn't good at visiting others but I would like to do this again.

How is your son now? Is everything okay with him? I'm sorry to hear that but yes, God is in control of every situation. God has a plan for your son and I'll be praying.

About your friend, that was really crazy. I can't imagine what she's going through that time. So glad her kids are safe. You did good in supporting her by driving. God really protected you both.

Given55 said...


Thank you for visiting me again. I have been keeping up with you, but sporadically.

My son is safe because he is in jail. He can not drink, so he is good. Since he had been with me before going to jail, he has been without a drink for quite a while this is a good thing. I keep praying that he grows in strength and compassion for God.

He will return to my home when he is released. Here he will find the support he needs to stay sober.

Thanks for your prayers and concern. God Bless you.