Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Sometimes when God teaches you something the lesson feels almost intolerable.

Last night, I was in a meeting with Christian women. Roseann, from my prophetic team, was there. Roseann is a lot like me, as far as giftings are given by God. She sees into the spirit realm, hears the spirit realm and can taste the spirit realm.

As we sat there last night, I looked over at her. She suddenly says, "are you in my heard?" I said "No. Are you in mine?" and laughed. But, the truth is, I was. Her mind seemed to be in chaos and I kept hearing the word "toy". So, throughout the meeting we kept looking at each other.

When the leader of this meeting decided to close, she asked for prayer request. Roseann said she had one. She said that God was giving her so much information that she was full of anxiety. It was to much.

So began a long conversation between the two of us about the spirit realm, in front of women who had little idea what we were talking about.

toy top
The word "toy", that I kept hearing, was about the fact that she was wand up tight like a toy top. She needed to unwind and relax. She said her children had told her the day before that she needed to play. I say, she needs to let go of the string that keeps pulling her so tight and hand it to God. Give him control.

She can not control what is happening to her, except to distinguish between the thoughts in her head. These thoughts are a combination of her, her spirit, God and Satan. God is teaching her more about her gifts and Satan is bombarding her with confusion and nonsense. To me, it looks like God will be giving her a revelation and Satan throws in a thought at the same time. To Roseann this feels like God is giving her to much.
I understand what Roseann is going through. I wrote about my first experience in the spirit realm in the post Satan Himself. I had been told that God never gives you more than you can handle. This helped me get through that time. But, Roseann knows this and is still in a state of anxiety. I was in her head enough to know she is ready to quit. To go back to ignorance of the spirit realm, to walk away from her giftings and say "enough".
Why are these first lessons, for people like Roseann and myself so hard? I believe that it is God preparing us for a hard time ahead. I know that seems like a obvious statement, but I do not think that you, my dear reader, and I are thinking of the same thing. My thoughts are on the end of days and what God is preparing us for.

Roseann and myself can read people. We can see what is inside of them. When can feel the mood of the world and because of that know when to get out of a situation. Our knower knows what time it is and what to do next.

God uses that in us. He uses it to minister to people and to lead us into safety.

Roseann is learning a hard lesson. She is learning about suffering. How it is for some, right now, and how it will be for many in the days to come. She will meet many who will be in the state that she is in now and be able to minister to those people in a great way. She will identify and bring peace. But, her lessons come with a price. She knows the future of this place.

She has not come to understand, yet, what it is God is teaching her and right now feels it is to much. But, God will guide her through and she will find the truth. Lessons are hard. Especially, when it is with such a big purpose.
This place, this world, is not a safe place. We are headed for a world without God. He will be regarded as a superstition and those who follow will be regarded as criminals and hate mongers. Roseann will be a light into that world.

She feels weak and alarmed. But, she will endure and come out the other side with joy. She will see her purpose more clearly and rely on the Lord even more. Knowing that she is helpless but hopeful she will take her place in the plans of God.