Saturday, January 24, 2009


TODAY ELVEN CHRISTIANS PRAYED FOR Bret's miracle including myself! PRAYING FOR HOPE AND THE POWER OF GOD/HOLY SPIRIT/ THOUGH OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST! As we were praying this miracle started to happen, Bret aka my nephew started gaining more control through his body! his speech got better his muscles grew stronger instantly! in the Bible it says, "ask and you shall receive" And have no doubt only faith!
The house was full of the faith and the Holy Spirit. no one had any doubt that God's work would be done, we did this through the soaking prayer. God answered our questions today because we prayed in Jesus' name and the Holy Spirit. the Bible and "facing the giants" quotes, Through God, all things are possible. Also, God can open up doors that no man alone can open and close doors no man alone can close!!
With all this being said, for those of you who don't believe, i really wish you would have been here today to see the MIRACLES that Jesus Christ the only living God worked! you can quote me, seek God and his righteousness and you shall enter into his Kingdom! The closer you get to God the better your life will be! take it from me, i had doubt before but today the Holy Spirit has changed me forever! It says in the Bible to seek his Kingdom all you have to do is ask for His forgiveness, and truly mean it. (repent) And you shall be saved TODAY. nothing is better than God, the Holy Spirit and Christ! Go seek it yourself from the Word of God (the Holy Bible) watch the passion of the Christ, you'll truly see how much love and compassion Jesus has for us! he was not just hung on a cross, he was BEATEN and whipped, slashed open and was crowned with a crown of thorns as drunken romans were mocking him! The Bible says on the 3rd day He will rise from the dead, just as he did! My God is ALIVE!
that being said, I'm now a disciple. I'm a cocaine addict who used to steal from people to get my fix, and now I'm spreading the Gospel truth! If i, an 18 year old can do it, anyone can! I used to drink and drug and now Im only seeking to get drunk in the Spirit of God! Also the Bible says, he's our Shepard, we are his sheep, He doesn't want to lose any of them! Fear no evil but only the power of God.
With all this said, the experience of God has changed my life forever!

If you ever want to know the truth or are ever mad, i'll tell ya, just pick up your Bible and read!


lance said...

Here is to the Lord to bless all those who are sick and in need. Thanks for being a constant place of support sister for me and others.
God bless,
Lance Gargus

Given55 said...

Thank you Lance. You constantly inspire me.