Saturday, January 24, 2009

Today i'm believing for a miracle!

Dear Lord I come to you today with hope and thanksgiving in my heart!
I come to you boldly yet humbly, with questions in my heart of why and how. These questions You've never answered yet I still come to ask, but Today I'm believing for a miracle!
Lord you have shown me the ways of your love and your healing touch, so today I'm believing it for my son as well! Father TODAY I'M BELIEVING FOR A MIRACLE! You've stretched my faith so far and wide, and kept your wonders hidden, so I have to search, and today I'm searching! today I'm seeking! TODAY I'm believing for a MIRACLE!
Thank you Father for your wondrous, amazing, love! Thank you also for the people you have placed in my life! I feel so blessed to call them my friends and teachers!
I love you Lord and i praise you! You are SO good!
I pray all these things in Jesus Holy name! AMEN!

Thanks to everyone who is praying for my son today! I know that God will move in this house today! I really hope these posts will move you today!
The sentence that has been coming to me over and over the last 2 days is, come expecting, and today I come expecting! We are called to walk by faith, not sight, and today I'm walking by faith!

Jessica "the mom"