Saturday, January 24, 2009

I came over to given55's house to pray for a little four year old boy. While I was praying for him the Lord impressed to me in the spirit that this boy has parents that truly love the Lord and are feeding him the Word of God Daily. That excites me, I wish I would have grown up in such a household. This boy who I prayed for was sleeping when I got here and while I prayed his body began to move voluntarily and his hands really began moving and the thing that stood out to me about his hands was that his fingers straightened out flexing back and forth. It's truly amazing once you think about the Holy Spirit and the power of God. It seems like people nowadays just don't realize the power of God or how maneuverable God is or can be through people. I'm just a simple guy that serves God I am not a Medical Doctor and here this boy is doing these things that modern medicine or even doctors can't do for him. While I prayed for him I focused on the little boy's spirit man and spoke to it to rise up within him. And that's when all of the movement began. God is real, face it. Nothing will ever stop the Holy Spirit from ministering except for limitations we set on God through religion or doctrine and/or ignorance. Don't limit God and watch His wonders with Awe. I named this boy, boy wonder because when people see what God ultimately does with him they are going to wonder hard on how real the Lord of Heaven is. I witnessed a miracle right before my eyes watching this child move on his own in ways which modern medicine say are impossible. So I laugh in the face of technology, ha,ha,ha! And I praise God in his Authority and Freedom (& Love):P