Monday, January 26, 2009


Praise God!!

The last nine posts were written Saturday. They were all written by individuals that spent eleven hours praying over a child with Cerebral Palsy.

What an amazing time.

So, I thought I would write a summary of what happened and my experiences of that day.

Within the second hour of prayer, we began to see changes in the child. He became more active...trying to get up and speaking clearly.

I watched throughout the day as God moved not only on the child, but on everyone as they prayed.

I saw the desperation on a father as he prayed over his son. His tears flowed freely as he prayed. There were times where his anger would rise up and his prayers became more commanding then pleading. But, he saw and heard God moving and his hope grew.

Five of us stayed with the boy the entire day, while others came in and out of my home taking an hour or more out of their day to pray.

Some had never stepped out in such a way, praying for the sick. God moved on these people and showed them his power. One felt tingling in his hands and heard God's leading on where to touch the child. Another, so very new at Christianity, prayed enclosing the boy with his body, while lifting his voice to the Lord. I was moved by his simplicity of love.

For myself, I heard throughout the day that I should speak to the child's spirit. So, I did and told his father to do the same. Late in the day, a friend came to pray, and I sat down with him. We both hear from God very clearly and have both been doing this for a long time.

God told him to tell the boy's spirit man to rise up. Now, I had confirmation that this is exactly what God was wanting. So, we prayed. As we prayed, the parents sat down with us. The gift of tongues filled the room and soon I was overcome with laughter.

The inappropriateness of this struck me, but this just caused me to laugh harder. The boys father, was reading aloud the Word and when he read that we should be in awe of God, I heard God say, "You people take me far more serious than I do". Now, I am falling apart with laughter.

My, dear friend, who had come to pray, speaks out that we have come to the father as children. Then I heard the boy's father read..."Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete." When he finished this word, God said to me.."You have asked so is your portion of joy".

That did it for me...I fell apart with laughter. My ribs hurt and my mouth became sore. All the time, I tried to keep my prayers going, but found it difficult. I was disruptive to the others but was out of control. The others, however, kept their prayers going, while smiling at me.

Sunday morning, when we all gathered at church, we of course asked about the child. He has had serious intestine problems since birth and today for the first time, he was normal.

We saw God move Saturday. Maybe, not as we would have liked him to move, but He did move. We continue to pray and will discuss, Thursday, fasting and prayer.

We have not given up. We will press in even harder. God loves this child, as to we, and we will see his spirit man rise up and walk.


Sandra Cobb said...

Wonderful story. I can only imagine the breakthroughs that would miraculously open up if only God's children would come together in this way to pray over the dis-eases of humanity. God bless you.

Channelofhealing said...

Halleluyah God is on the Throne

Given55 said...


Very true. We so forget the power that the Lord left us to walk in. God bless you my sister.