Saturday, January 24, 2009


Our prayers today are many. We call to the Lord with our hearts broken and exposed. I look at Brett and see God. I look at Brett and see love. I look at Brett and see hope.

My God, help us to find you in a new way. We need you Lord. You are our strong tower. Our only way to hope.

We seek you in this hour, calling upon all we know to do and yet... we still wait. I feel you move through my home and I see you in the faces of those who pray and yet we wait.

We wait for that moment when you are glorified and Brett rises up and walks. We wait for you Lord. Without you, we are undone, lost and confused. With you.. we are assured and have confidence.

I speak to the heavens, that you alone, oh Lord, command.. and I call for your healing grace to fall. Fall on the child. Heal him through your son. Our lord, Jesus. Bring your mighty arm to comfort and heal. Show us what it is you want from us, because there is not one, among us, who would not give all for this child.

I pray, oh Lord, for mercy. Mercy on Brett.