Saturday, January 24, 2009

God is amazing in His ability to pour out His Spirit on His children, not only individually, but collectively. Over and over, in each and every one of us praying for our little miracle boy today, even though we were all praying for complete healing, we saw and felt God Himself whispering, guiding, nudging each of us to pray for specific healing.

While laying my hands on Brett, I felt the need to move my hands to his chest. I quietly touched his tiny chest, waiting... was it his heart? His lungs? Then a picture, almost clinical in detail, emerged of this little boys lungs, clogged and full, hurting, full of bumps and bruises. Feeling a gentle nudge, I simply prayed that God remove whatever was plaguing this boy's lungs, whatever was keeping him from breathing. I could almost pictures God pouring out His power over the boy's lungs and chest, making the lungs fresh and clean and smooth and healthy. The more I realized that God was directing my petitions, the harder I prayed. My prayers moved from his head to his toe, but I kept coming back to his little chest. Not at my direction, but at the Holy Spirit's insistence that I was praying only for Brett's lungs.

I only recently met this amazing young family, so I didn't realize until I asked Brett's momma whether he had lung issues, but this little boy has had so many lung infections and bouts of pneumonia that his lungs are full of scar tissue. The doctor told them that little Brett just can't afford to get pneumonia one more time. How merciful and loving for God to allow us to know why He directed my prayer that direction... we don't always know why we're praying for specific things, so the fact that He let me know why is beautiful.

Thank God that He sends the Spirit to us to direct our prayers. That, in itself, is an amazing miracle! The next person to pray for Brett has already directed their prayers at one specific area on his body, as well... God's plan in action is amazing! I can't wait to see what else our Father has in store for this beautiful little boy.