Thursday, December 6, 2007

Healing: Spiritual, Emotion and Physical

I mentioned, in passing, the other day, in "Sense of Death" a women that I had prayed for whom still needed prayer. This was mistaken. I had spoke with her husband, who told me that she still wasn't well. Well, this was not quit right.

Let me start from the beginning. She had been ill for quit a long time. She lost her sister in October and had spiraled down from there. She was close to her sister and the sudden death hit her hard. Her sister died of a heart attack at 39 years old. My friend whom we will call Sue, was the oldest girl and had taken care of and protected her little sister from childhood.

Sue's sense of loss was great. So great that she had developed a desire for death herself. Hence, she got ill. The illness was in her lungs. When I got the call to go to her, her breathing was shallow and labored. She was so very weak.

When I got there, we sat and talked. God revealed to me her death wish and that there was an assignment placed on her, by the evil one, to kill her and that she welcomed it. We talked about this for a while. But, nothing seemed to sway her thinking until I said, "Your serving Satan." This got her attention. She didn't want this. She began to pray and I, in Jesus' name, broke the assignment. It was not exactly easy. There was a lot of warfare and Sue likes to walk when she wars. So, I held her up while she paced back and forth.

She became excited. I saw, in the spirit, that there was much more. I prayed against oppressing spirits and spirits of infirmity. Now, we are walking, praying and she is throwing up. Only by the grace of God is she able to stand. She had been so very weak, that there is no way she could of been standing under her own power even with my help.

She sat down and reflected. She started talking about another sister and what their father had done two all the girls. I need not describe. I jumped up, by the leading of the Spirit, and put my hands on her and broke both the soul and spirit ties. Through the Spirit, I gave back to her those things that her father had taken from her and gave back to him those things that he had left with her. I have no idea if she knew what soul and spirit ties were, but, she went with the flow.

We prayed for hours. I was determined not to leave that place till God's work was done. Satan was not going to kill her. When I believed that we were done, I sealed the work with the balm of Gilead. She was stronger, breathing better. God told me she should take a nap. She did and when she woke, her strength was back.

I talked to her two days later. God's faithfulness is awesome. She is healed and is going back to work. I asked her how her spirit was, since this illness was certainly spiritual. She said she was light of heart and praising God for His mercy.

She was obedient to what God was telling her. He told her to call me. She hesitated, she told me, and called others, but, no one would come to her. She gave in and called me. God had been preparing me for this day, by giving me the sense that someone was dieing. She remained obedient by allowing the Spirit of God to flow freely in her home and with that healing came. The healing was physical, emotional and spiritual. Today is a new day for her. A day of freedom, that was needed for a long time. A day of renewal, she walks closer to God. A day of joy, she praises God constantly. He has great plans for her and I thank God that He saved her twice. Twice from the grip of Satan. Her salvation and her entire healing.