Wednesday, December 5, 2007

N.A.I.S. : "The Mark Of The Beast"

The business of Marking the beast is so complex, it takes two to tell you about it, posted by both Given55 and Phelan

Should we be concerned about the government putting chips into our animals? Whoa, did you even know that this was happening. Yep, without a whole lot of ruckus it is being implemented as we speak.

We, as Christians, know that the time is short before our Lord Jesus Christ returns. Over the last two thousand years it as been said many times that the time was short. But, never has so many prophetic applications come to fruition. We need to be paying attention.

With this government intrusion, you will not be able to buy, sell or trade any animal that does not have a chip. This does include your pets. At least for now, your barn yard pets. Oh yea, even Fido and tabby. My daughter has been fighting this and has several articles for you to read. One about the Amish and their response to this invasion of privacy, children that could not show their animals at 4H because they had no chip, and why this is important to you.

This is all happening now! A few states have already mandated that the chips be implanted into the animals. There is a movement in the air to take away our constitutional rights and our great freedom to choose.

You should, also be aware that one of the contracting companies that is supplying the U.S. government has a program called Digital Angels. It is a program to put GPS chips into infants and children. I think this is horrifying and Biblical all at the same time.

The Word of God warns us of the mark of the beast. There have been many views of what this could possibly mean. It never crossed my mind that it could or would start with our livestock and pets.

N.A.I.S. = the mark of the beast.

Phelan writes: NAIS stands for National Identification System. The USDA wants the program as a way to track, disease and fight terrorism. Or so they claim. Many media outlets have ignored this program due to the fact that they feel that it only affects the small farming community. This is untrue. It affects anyone that eats, be them a vegan or a carnivore. Fertilizers are used to grow your vegetables. The USDA’s program will stop all trade, buying and selling between small family ‘steads. Soon we could end up with a food monopoly, with only the large ag businesses able to sell you food. Your choice in the quality and location of food stuff will disappear. At a time when eating local is such the craze, the USDA has been hotly pursuing our children, giving money to FFA (Future Farmers of America) and 4H.

Without the chip for tracking, the USDA will come down and fine you, not only the $1,000 per day fine (at last look that was what they were wanting to charge us) they also have a depopulation program that has already been enacted in a few states. No proof of disease required. We will also be part of the “national” herd. No more property rights for you my friend. Homesteaders and small farms will be hurt by this program. If a storm washes through and you loose your livestock, and wish to replenish you will not be able to. If your farm/home is not registered with the USDA, you will be unable to buy a chipped beast. Without the chipped beast you will not be able to own livestock, you will not be able to make a living or take care of your family. Religious beliefs are set aside by our government. The Amish have been rumored to be leaving one state because of their mandatory NAIS program. Your animals will not be able to seek vet care do to your choosing to not chip your animal. Some will argue that chipping your animal is good for keeping them safe, good for our food safety, a good way to keep away terrorists. And my only answer could be

"They that would give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." " The man who trades freedom for security does not deserve nor will he ever receive either." ~Benjamin Franklin


Desert Cat said...

The arguments in favor of chipping humans will be even more compelling. Safety, financial security (no more identity theft), and tracking of everyone lawful means those who refuse to be tracked must be criminals and terrorists, right.

Yes, they will have us over a barrel, and many will leave the faith rather than give up the comforts of their place in the world system.