Thursday, December 27, 2007

"You ask not, beause you want not"

I have shared with you that every day I have God guide me to what He will have me write on each post. I do, falter in this area. Over the few days of Christmas, when I did not post, I kept asking myself what "what will I write about". I will even, at times, try to write a post in my own strength and it always sounds like gibberish. When will I learn?

Last night, I started the same thought cycle. What will I write? I did, however, tell myself, this time, to leave it alone. But, there is still that nagging doubt.

This morning I get out of bed and head for my chest of drawers. I had not gotten one foot in front of the other when I heard a bible verse. But, I heard it wrong. It reminded me of when you have been singing a song for years and then you buy the cd and read the words to your song and find that you have been singing it wrong for years. What is going on in the casbah?

Anyways, what I heard was...."you ask not because you want not". Now, we all know that the verse reads....yet ye have not, because ye ask not. James 4:2. So, I corrected my thought. Then it came again and I recognized God's voice and had the understanding of what he was saying to me.

I have for years tried to get people to understand that what goes on with me "supernaturally" is a gift that everyone has. That it is for everyone. And, for years, I have been trying to find ways for people to learn how to find this gift within themselves. That is part of what this blog is about. Today, God showed me how to help others get there.

You need to ask for the gift. But, do you want it? Or let me be even broader with my question. Do you want anything that God has to offer, outside of salvation? Or are you contend with salvation. I'm not minimizing salvation. I'm asking you "do you want more". Or are you contend with less.

"You ask not because you want not." WOW!!! We don't want the things of God. It is so much easier to not walk in the gifts of God. To not be responsible for how we use the gifts or for how we don't use the gifts. It is so much easier to walk in the simplicity of salvation over the complexity of God's plan. So much easier to not want than to want. So much easier to walk with one foot in the world and one foot in God's world. So much easier not to want.

To want the things of God is to give up the things of this earth. So, "we don't ask because we don't want". How sad is that. It is a revelation that brings sadness to my heart. I do not exclude myself from this revelation. I argue with God constantly over His plans for my life. Not, "wanting" to do His will, but, mine. I don't mind the spiritual gifts that He has put into my life, but, I don't "want" the rest of what He has for me. So, I don't' ask for anymore. I sadden my own heart.

I hope this revelation helps you, because it has certainly helped me. I will gladly ask that God make a way for the plans He has for me. Instead of, plotting against those things and not "wanting" them. I will "want" and ask. All of God not just the parts I want.

We need the complexity of God not the simplicity. He "wants" more of you. We should be "wanting" more of Him.


Patti said...

Yes, that's good, because it's true. Sadly true for me too as, on some level, I am afraid to want what God wants for me-afraid He will put on me more than I can bear even though He says He won't. My will, fears, and unbelief stand in the way of Him having His way in me, and so I ask Him to give me the want and strip me of these barriers inside me that fight against Him!!! It is a grueling and hard fight, the one at the Brook Jabok. How silly to think we are going to win that fight with God! He will win and leave His mark too, like He did with Jacob. My spirit prays for His victory in me. My flesh fights against it.

Given55 said...

Beautifully put. Amen & amen.

Brother Marty said...

I struggled with the gifts a long time. I struggled with the responsibility that comes with letting Our Lord work through me. Of late, however, I've been both submissive and moved to action. The blessing that comes from submission and using the gifts is something I never realized would be there. I now realize how I stood in the way of God's mercy and grace for others due to my shying away from what God had in store for me.

Thanks for a great post that spoke to me.

Given55 said...

Thank you Brother Marty,
It does feel wonderful to let go and let God run your life.