Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Source

I went to a funeral yesterday that was so joyful at times that, one would forget why you were there. The pastor who spoke at the end spoke about our spirit. It reminded me of what God had said to me about our spirit.

The pastor said, that when God creates he always creates through the already existing source. Such as, when he designed fish, he had already created the water. This then shows that when we are created, through our mothers womb, that the source needed to create us is already in existence. But, what about our spirit.

God takes a piece of Himself and puts it into our natural being. The source being God. "He knew us before we were formed." So, here we are put into time with a piece of God in us. Our lives move on and we forget about God because we have been put into the natural. But, God brings to our remembrance Himself.

But, what do you think happens before we are put into time. This preacher had a great scenario. He proposed that God would want your spirit to agree to what would happen in time. "Do your agree to addictions?" "Do you agree to abuse?" "Do you agree to tragedy?" Of course we agree. Why would we agree? Because redemption comes into play. Your struggle becomes part of your story that you agreed to.

There will comes a time that we will recognize God's voice and redeem ourselves. And those things of the past will fall into the purpose of God. It is all part of our assignment. Then your message becomes God's message. You begin to leave on this earth the message that God is sending. You walk it out.

God completes you before He begins you. He gives you His mark and sets you out to fulfill His great plan. If you ignore God's call on your life you could die incomplete. The great plans of God falling on your grave. Incomplete!!

All this brings me back to what God has been ministering to me about our spirit. That He puts a spirit into our bodies that He has known and loved for eternity. One of the purposes of this spirit is to bring our souls to Him. God does not give us this spirit so it would burn in the presence of Satan. He has shown me, in part, that the spirit that He has given us continues in His presence for eternity. If we choose not to go to God, our spirit will return to God.

There is a commingling of our spirit and soul. That is how we know and recognize God. But, if I choose to not follow our Lord Jesus Christ my soul will not see the glory of God. My spirit, however, will return to be by His side.


lance said...

Dude, that is awesome. My goodness I have read alot of good blogs tonite and yours definitely the best Ive read. God knows exactly how to design us for our environment and how to make a way. God used you I believe to make me think of some really important things tonite. Thank you, my friend.
God bless,
Lance and Family

Given55 said...

You are a blessed individual. Thank you for your comments. I, truly, hesitated writing this post. But, God is persuasive and I gave in and wrote it. I pray that others are blessed by it as well.