Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Which door?

My husband had a dream last night that was a awesome word from God. So I thought I'd share it with you.

He dreamed that our house cat had gotten out. He spent time catching the cat and making it go back into the house. When he got the cat into the house, I let it out another door that led back out. He asked me, "Why did you let him out. I just brought him back in?" My reply was, "He can go out this door." The cat then climbed the fence, that enclosed the area that the first door led to and this place had a dog and a bird in it. The bird was not well. It flew around this enclosed area like it was confused and hurt. The bird suddenly attacked the cat. Of course, the cat attacked back and the dog joined in. When the bird got away it was bloody and even more confused.

God gave me an interpretation of this dream.

The two doors, one leading to the fenced in yard the other to the world, are doors that lead to God. The fenced in yard is where we confine God. The fence represents control. The wounded bird represents ourselves. The cat and dog = the enemy.

When we choose to confined God by our limits and make Him what we want Him to be, we use the door to the fenced in yard. We have control over who God is. This offers us little protection from the enemy and we walk around wounded. We call out to the Lord and use His named to rebuke, but to little advantage. We are not dead, but we are struggling.

The other door leads to freedom in God. It represent us letting go and letting God be God. No limitations, no restraints, God is free. We are free in that place. We call upon the Lord and He is free to answer, free to do miracles, free to heal, free to be the God of Abraham. Through that door we see God, hear God and have intense relationship with God.

Which door have you chosen? Do you have control or have you opened the door that gives God control. If God is not showing Himself in your life, I suggest that you take a look at what door you are using.

The most amazing part of all this, is that a year ago God told me that there is a door in our minds that leads to Him and that all we have to do is open that door and walk into Him.