Thursday, December 20, 2007

Keeping your healing

I woke this morning to horrible pain. Pain that I have not had for years. The pain clouds my thinking and prayers. The only prayer that I have is "please." So, when I tried to write anything, for a post, I was blank. I, always, ask God what to post and today he was silent. Then through the veil of pain, I knew what he wanted.

When I was healed of Lupus, as I have written before, it was a total healing of all diseases. No more pain and no more symptoms. But, now and then, I would, have a symptom. A sore in the mouth, sporadic pain, a rash. These things are all designed by Satan, for you to doubt your healing.

If I begin to doubt my healing, I then start to entertain thoughts of sickness again. That evil foothold, again, starts to take hold and I, could, fall back into the disease of my past. If we linger on a thought that is not Holy it will begin to build into something evil. Again, "Catch every thought to the obedience of God."

So, what to do? What I do, and did, was to recognize the source of my symptoms. Satan would be that culprit. Then I call upon the power left to me by our Lord Jesus Christ and through the Holy Spirit announce to the spirit realm that "I'm not falling for that trick. I have been healed in Jesus name."

I never linger on the symptom. Rather, I call it what it is "a trick from hell" and shout out against the symptom. This, I believe, has kept me from relapse into Lupus. I believe with everything I got that I am healed and that I will, through the weapons that God has given me, stay healed.

To keep ones healing one must continue in prayer, continue to war, stay on top of the schemes of the evil one and believe.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmph...keeping your heeling, keeping your sanity, your faith, your mind, your conscious.

The lying serpent from Hell will take it ALL, if you LET him.