Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Sunday, at church, I needed to be at the altar to worship. I went to the front of the church and flew into the arms of my Lord.

I never close my eyes when I pray, you do not want to miss something that God may be doing, but I do close my eye when I worship. While I was worshiping this last Sunday, I heard something next to me. I opened my eyes because it was a bit startling. I did not turn my head to see what was going on, but did shift my eyes in that direction.

What I heard and saw was someone on their knees next to me. She was yelling as loud as she could "Lord, I give you my anger, my bitterness, my hate." I closed my eyes again, but would open them now and then because I could hear her sobbing, gasping and talking. She tore up a piece of paper and threw it on the altar. Then stood there looking exhausted.

worshiping a2
When the song was over, I turned to see who it was and it was a friend of mine. We hugged and she said "I can not believe how long I have held on to my anger". After worship was over, she turned to the church and shared her feeling. She said, that she had thought that God would never accept her. She had been molested multiple times, raped and with many men. Just filthy. But, she shared that God loves her. That He had given her an incredible husband. It was a remarkable moment.

This woman let herself become vulnerable in front of the church. She was not ashamed of how God was moving her and did not care what the world thought. God healed her in that moment. Like David, she became naked to the world. She only wanted what God was offering at that moment and was not going to let it go by without grabbing on to God's garment. She is healed.
So many times we allow the Spirit of God to just fly by. We ignore His urging or say to ourselves "I'm not going to do that". If this woman had done that, she would have missed her emotional healing. To few of us will allow ourselves to look peculiar. Yet, we are called to be peculiar. We fear the thoughts of man.

To be totally abandoned into the presence of God, is what we are called to do. To fly freely into His arms and enjoy His very presence. To dance, sing, yell, rejoice or anything that He may move you to do. But, we suppressed the Spirit and do not allow Him to move on us as He did on this woman.

This is a perilous time. Much is happening in the spirit realm. If we are not in tune with the things of God we will be easily swayed to the wrong way of things. worshipping4I was once told that my radio was tuned to a different broadcast than everyone else. May I suggest, dear reader, that we all tune our radios into the realm of God and listen to what He is saying. Because, if you are tuned into the wrong air waves, you just may miss the Good News.