Tuesday, June 10, 2008


This is a word that God gave Chuck Pierce.

"Hear the bells this week! There's a sound of liberty coming from Heaven. There's a sound I'm bringing in. Every time you hear those bells of change, decree a new liberty is coming before you, and coming upon you, and that you will enter the fields of freedom." We shouted, "The gate to the fields of freedom is opening this week!" I then heard the Spirit of God say, "Don't try to change 'change'. Some of you are resisting the sound of change that's coming into you. Some of you are resisting the sound of change I'm bringing in, wanting to get things in order things before it is time for order. Just hear the announcement that I am making now and let change come in to the very depths of your being. Let change begin to redevelop what needs to be redeveloped. Don't try to stop the rearranging sound of change. The bells of change are ringing!
I am decreeing from heaven that I am shaking loose your change. Quit trying to shake the earth first. Enter in with Me and shake the heavens right now. I will clear up some things in your atmosphere. Decree that you are going up into a new place with the host of Heaven and shaking loose what needs to be shaken loose. The stairways are forming. I am taking you into the Throne Room and seating you in heavenly places. You will come back down into the earth realms with the sound of Heaven and connect the sound of Heaven into the earth realm. See the host of Heaven sounding as the heavens open up and sound over your situation. Hear the host say, 'We're bringing a sound that will jar loose that emotional strain you're in. We're bringing a sound that will jar loose the supply you need for right now. We're bringing a sound to jar loose and set the captives free.'
Wake up. There's a song within you, there's a sound you're going to hear. You say, 'I don't even sing; I'm not even in tune to the music.' But I say you'll hear a boom, a sonic boom; you'll hear a sound. I will even go in and visit hospitals and those in bed will hear new sounds this week. I'm sending a wake-up into My people. I am ringing the bells of change. This is a time when you must hear in your spirit what is calling you to wake up before it's too late.
The Lord then showed me a can of fruit preserves. I Heard the Spirit of God say, "I have harvested in the past and set preserves in place. Go in and get what I have preserved for you. Go in! Go in! If you will take the preserves, I will give you the new harvest. If you will bring me your vessel, I will pour the sound down from Heaven. For I am unlocking heavenly blessings that have been stored , waiting for a people who will hear these sounds and bring down a manifestation in the earth. To those who have been fragmented in soul and vexed in spirit, I AM pouring down into you; I want you to be whole. Though you couldn't hold the oil in the past season, I am first pouring down a healing balm with healing oil to knit your soul together. I'm remaking your vessel so I can pour in the oil of anointing that will cause you to break through in this next season. Let Me knit now. Let Me pour on oil so you can hold another oil.the anointing for breakthrough.
Hear the sound of seals breaking and unlocking revelation. Hear the sound of new, fresh water, running. Your momentum wheel has been blocked and the things which your wheel was turning have slowed and stopped. I'm bringing the flow of My stream again. Hear the rain. I'm causing the wheel of your mill to turn, and what has needed to be ground within you I have been grinding up. I say bread corn must be bruised (Is 28:28). I've had to bruise you, I've had to stop you from having the flow of the normal life structure you've known so I can restart the water of life within you. I've had to remove the death shroud that was on you. I've had to reconnect you to the cornerstone that I have and the 'intersection plan' I have for your life. Some have said, 'I've been afraid to cross over at this intersection. I've been afraid to move past. I've waited and waited and waited.' But now I have come to rearrange you, to move your fears and to remove them from you. I've come to bring the sound of change at the light, at your intersection. I'm changing the light. I'm ringing the bell. Hear the sound over the opening of the Stock Market. Discern that sound. Hear the sound over the currencies of the world."
I heard the Lord instruct us to place our coins in the vessels we had assembled. The Spirit of God was saying, "Take your change, take the coins you have and shake them in a container. I want your change and the sound of your change from the bottom up. I want it changing. I want the sound of the currencies of the earth to change. Hear the sound. I can change your structure and your supply from the bottom; I can bring it up." Even as we've been trying to change something one way, the Lord is saying, "I'm rearranging the way the change needs to occur."


Anonymous said...

This soooooooooooo speaks to me may sister friend, just like we were talkIng abouT earlier tonight, thank you soooooo much for lending your much needed hear to me. God is moving & Jesus is very much alive in spite of ourselves!!!!! PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

Given55 said...


Amen. My ear is ready for you anytime.