Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I do not like snakes. They, like mice, startle me. I do not like to be startled.

I stay away from snakes. But, if I am in the car and see one crossing the road, I will make a bee line for that snake and run right over it. Then I get the hibby gibbies thinking about the snake on my tires. I avoid snakes at all costs.

Just yesterday my brother, Only In His Service, and I were working in my backyard. My brother suddenly jumped, startled. You guessed it. A snake. But, I did not run, I did not jump on top of anything, instead I ran and got my camera. Who is this woman?

I stood there and took multiple pictures of this snake and it's little snake friend. I do not recognize this woman.
This morning while I was thinking and praying about blogging, God brought this event back to me and talked to me about the world. You see, I have grown to accept the snake as a way of life. I have grown accustom to the snake in my life. He, the snake, is the same, I have changed.

So, I have began to search myself. What else of this world have I grown accustom to and accepted into my life. Have I forgotten that I am not of this world. I did not see the change that brought acceptance of the snake in my life. Could it be that other worldly things have crept into my life and I did not notice. How worldly have I become?
I still do not want to touch the snake. But, I seem to have lost my fear and disgust with the snake. Slowly, I have accepted the snake. Letting him in inch by inch. How numb I have become to the snake.

Have I become numb to the things of this world and begun to just go with the flow. To allow myself to inch by inch fall into the schemes of the evil one. To say to myself "oh well, it's just a snake". No harm in seeing a snake, just do not touch the snake.

How easy it is to fall into the evil trap set aside just for us Christians. How easy to slide into the world and see it, accept it, but tell ourselves, "I will not touch it." Danger, Will Smith, Danger". There in lies our vulnerability. Telling ourselves I can look but not touch.
We, as Christians, are prey to the predator, Satan. Like the snake he spends his day looking for the vulnerable to devour. The prey, does not pay attention to their surroundings and succumbs to the predator. Loosing their life in the twinkling of an eye.

Search thyself.


Desert Cat said...

Pretty little garter snakes.

Given55 said...

Desert Cat,

Well....ok. If you say so!!

Anonymous said...

Are the "hibby gibbies" like the "ebbie jebbies"?

Desert Cat said...

Oh I just noticed, there is what appears to be a tarantula in the left cell of the second photo. I didn't know you had tarantulas up there.

I'm cool with the tarantulas. It's the black widows and desert recluses that give me the hibby gibbies.

Given55 said...

Desert Cat,
I'm told that was a Wolf Spider. Strange things is that in one of the pics that I have, the spider is sitting on the snakes head. You would have though, one of them would have been hungry.


sort of.

Anju said...

Nice post... I wish I could get over the snake thing! We have cobras and vipers and other creepy ones that are sometimes too close for comfort.

But yes, snakes can come in various forms and it's up to us to not be intimidated by them.

Given55 said...


Your snake are way to much for me. would never be able to get use to that. I saw one yesterday that was about 4 feet long. Nope, stay away from me.

Thanks for reading my post. I dropped over to your site. Very nice.

God bless.

Desert Cat said...

Something related you might like: Badger-Badger-Snake!

Very silly...

Given55 said...

Desert Cat,

You are right. That was silly, but, I have to show it to everyone, because it is so silly.