Thursday, June 12, 2008


Joshua 6:20
When the trumpets sounded, the people shouted, and at the sound of the trumpet, when the people gave a loud shout, the wall collapsed; so every man charged straight in, and they took the city.

A young man sat in a chair in front of me yesterday. He was going through an inner healing. He struggled with many issues throughout the day. But, there came a moment in the day when the spirit realm around him shattered like glass.

The atmosphere was tense around this young man. He had a lot of work a head of him and the work was exhausting. The team that sat with him were, myself, Roseanne and my brother Keith from "Only In His Service". God used us to guide him to those places that He wanted cared for.

Forgiveness was hard for him at times. Very hard. But, when he finally could speak of forgiveness he truly forgave. For a time, he could not speak the words of forgiveness. This confused him and frustrated him. I asked God to bind up that demonic presence and loosed his tongue. In that he found the freedom to speak.
As the day went on, he broke soul and spirit ties and spoke of his helplessness. With every spiritual thing he did the spirit realm became more robust in its warfare. So, when I said, "let's get to the main reason we are here" the full war began.

The young man stated that he could feel pain and pressure on his shoulder. What I saw on his shoulder was a small demon with a claw dug into his skin. As I looked at this demon it lunged at me, wanting to kill me. Even though I know that this is in another dimension, I ducked.

The warfare was incredible. The tension in the air was thick. Roseanne was praying in tongues and Keith was rapidly praying in the Spirit. My attention was diverted for a second. But, in that second, I heard the loudest, sharpest, most terrifying scream that I have ever heard.

I immediately thought I was about to be choked. But, when I turned I saw this young man bent over, fists clenched, and shaking all over. The spirits around him were falling to the ground shattered into thousands of pieces. The young man was saying, "I don't want this anymore. I don't want this anymore."

As we watched this occur, we continued in prayer, leaving the young man alone with his God. We prayed protection and mercy as he let out another smaller scream. Again, he shook and clinched his fist. His tears came and he cried for God to help him.

His freedom came in a second. His faith and need overwhelmed the demonic and the battle was won with a scream that would have woke the dead. This scream for mercy cut through the atmosphere and destroyed everything evil in its path. It was truly a beautiful thing to see. But, was a bit shocking for this old heart.

I am always surprised by God. He never does anything the same way. I have done many inner healing's and they are never the same. God always shows up and except for one time, the person is always delivered. This one, however, has left a mark on me. This one has impacted me. This young man was so broken and so turned off emotionally. He was at that place, where so few go, broken and helpless. He knew there was only one hope and he held on to that hope.
God met him and with violence conquered the spirit realm. I have seen many battles in the spirit realm, but nothing like this. With a shout. With a gut rendering shout. With a shout that tore to the very being of your soul, this boy was set free. If we could all just get that real with God, then our mountain would move, our rivers would flow, our freedom could be reached.

Praise God for His mercy and kindness.


Guy Vestal said...

Very inspired writing throughout, nice site. Thanx 4 sharing...

God Bless...

Given55 said...

Thank you, Guy. God Bless you as well.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Given....just read that your state had bad storms yesterday, are you and yours okay?

Aunt D.

Given55 said...

Aunt D,

We are fine. Tornado's were close. But, all is well. God bless you.