Friday, June 20, 2008


Well....NO baby yet.

We went to the hospital when her contractions got to 4 minutes and the contractions are not doing much of anything. So, she is still waiting. I, on the other hand, am tired.

At the hospital, I was reminded of the birth of my daughter. I had all, but one, of my children naturally. I have 4 children.

Side note: One of my children weight 12 pounds. All women are freaking out, right now, as the read that one.

My daughter weight 9 something. Delivery was difficult. Her head would not give and I struggled with an hour of pushing. Finally, a bay girl. In recovery, I started to bleed and my blood pressure dropped to 40/20.

I can remember that the student nurse sitting next to me, knew this before I did. She ran out of the room yelling a name. Several people ran in and went to work. No one said anything to me they just were in a panic.

The head of my bad fell flat and when it did...I felt what was happening. I could feel life leaving my body. I started to loose consciousness but, refused to do so. I felt if I did, I would die. So, awake I stayed. Mean time the hospital staff worked.

I kept my focus on staying awake. But, that was, at times, difficult. My veins had collapsed and the digging, with needles, in various parts of my body was painful. Over and over again they tried to find a vein with no luck. I was practicing my Lamaze breathing method to endure the pain.

Still, I focused on staying alive. I was so weak, that I could not lift my arms. I would even find myself not breathing and would have to remind my self to take a breath. Finally, they called in someone special. I can not remember exactly what he specialized in, but he was some specialized nurse.

He came into the room and everyone stepped aside. All conversation stopped and I felt as if I was at the mercy of whatever this man had in mind. I watched his face as he went to work. He did not say one word to me. He just came up to me and picked up my arm. He drove a needle into my arm and I yelped. It felt like the needle had hit my bone. Then he laid my arm down and left the room. The staff got back to work. Needle inserted.

One of my thoughts, while all this was going on, was "I suppose that some women still die during child birth". So, I focused.
death 1
Did you notice anything about this story that was missing? I'll give you a minute to think.

Times up. GOD is missing.

I was an atheist at the time. After I recovered, I was so very proud of myself for not showing weakness and calling out to a God for mercy. For not making some promise to a God if my life was spared.

When I think back on it now, I am so very grateful to God Almighty for sparing such a wretch as myself from death.

Jeremiah 29:11
"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future"

Are we not grateful that He knows our future. I was happy and sure that I was going to stay an atheist. Never would I have imagined that God would catch me and change me to my very core. If it were not for those plans, I may not have been here today. I may have passed on that very day and be eternally at the mercy of Satan. What a frightening thought.
loving God
It took a long time before I came to God. My daughter was grown before I accepted that God existed. But, I did and I am rejoice at the knowledge that God, the living God, loves me.

Thank you God for your salvation, your redemption, your patience, your love.


Russ said...

Good luck with the grand baby. I know you won't need it for God will watch over.

Steven and Aisha said...

Such an encouragement to me! :) God is so awesome! His love is for everyone even those who don't believe in Him.