Monday, June 16, 2008


Sunday was busy for my husband and myself. One activity that we were involved in was prayer for fathers who came forward at church.

The congregation was small, because of a pancake breakfast before church. So, we could spend a bit more time with each man who came for prayer.

What I found interesting was the difference in need and demeanor of the men.

The first two that came up were men in their forties. Both, were relaxed, but had some issues that bothered them. They mostly wanted us to pray blessings over them. God had words for them that I happily gave and they walked away content.
Then I saw an elderly man walking from the other side of the church over to us. He must have been close to ninety years of age. He gait was slow and each step focused on before taken. When he got about four feet from us, he said, "I'm a new one".

Not sure exactly what he meant, we greeted him and I asked if he was new at the church. He said his son attends the same church in Kansas City and when he comes for a visit, they always come to ours in Wichita.

His demeanor was calm....peaceful. You could feel God all around him. I told him it was a pleasure to be in his presence. That he was a blessed man. He was so pleased with life. You could tell that in his long life he was content with his situation. In the twilight of his life he was happy.

We prayed for him and when we were done, he opened his eyes and said, "I feel chills all over me." He looked up at us and then said, "really, I have the shimmers". I got a little concerned, thinking, "oh my, don't fall down." But, he did not fall. He stood there and enjoyed God for the moment and then he slowly lumbered away from us.
As we were watching him leave, another man walked up. He was young. Maybe twenty years of age. He was not content with life and weeping. He was feeling the pain of becoming an adult. Life was taking a toll. The reality of manhood was sitting in and it was beginning to hurt. Not the least bit content but, also, realizing that he had no control over what lied ahead in the next sixty years. He was undone by life. My husband and I understood him but, knew that his battle was far from over.

There you have the range of manhood. Men in their forties, understanding their responsibilities and yet wanting more. A man in the twilight of his life, contend and at peace and the young man who is just facing his giants and is afraid of what lies ahead.

All these men love God. They have devoted themselves to the service of the Living God. The oldest finds peace in knowing he has served and will see God. He waits for that glorious moment.

The forty year olds, continue to hold fast to the promise and in their struggles, of the flesh, have found that in all things God shows up.

The young man searches for answers. He knows God and yet life is beating him up and he wonders at the reasons. He struggles with the whys and why nots of this time we spend on earth and yet he keeps his eyes on God and instead of falling away from God, he just digs in further.
christian men
The difference between all of these men and their counterparts, in the secular world, is their hope. Each could have, at any time, turned from God. But, they stand fast and continued to find their answers in Him.

Young men, without God, are angry. This young man had good reason to be angry, but he was not angry. The men in their forties, had good reason to be worried, but they were not worried. But, most impacting, was the elderly man. He would have good reason to be in unrest, at facing the end of his time. But, he was not afraid. He like the others, even in all their different needs, had the truth inside of them. In that truth, they find the answer, to all their needs, in all the different seasons, of their lives.