Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Silver Cord

I got a call yesterday and the caller said, "I have a spiritual emergency." Never heard that before.

Seems a married couple are having major issues. One is that he has been having an affair. I was asked if I would do an inner healing on both the husband and wife. I know some of the background and agreed to do the inner healing. But, told the caller that I wanted to meet with them and discuss the process first.

I asked Roseanne to assist in the inner healing and she met with the couple after I did. Last evening Roseanne and I got together and shared notes.

We saw much of the same things when we separately worked with this couple. I saw a brick in the mans heart. Roseanne saw a stone wall around him. We both saw multiple demons in him and that he had shared them with his wife. We agreed that death is there on them both. That he is going to die and she will kill herself.

There was a point that both Roseanne and myself, when comparing notes, had to pray and think about. Even research. Both of us had the feeling that this affair was more unnatural than just an affair. Something was different. I felt occult and Roseanne felt witchcraft. She, also, keeps getting the word "wicked". When I told her that I had the sense that they were related or had some kind of commonality about them, Roseanne told me of a vision she had of the two of them.

Her vision was of the husband and his lover. The were held together by an umbilical cord. This was conformation to both of us that we were on the right track. But, what did it mean. I'm not sure we have all the answers, yet, but it is beginning to come together.
Roseanne remembered that the umbilical cord was silver in the vision. So, we did some research and found some interesting stuff on witch craft and the umbilical cord. But, eventually we were taken to Ecclesiastes 12:6-7.

Remember him—before the silver cord is severed, or the golden bowl is broken; before the pitcher is shattered at the spring, or the wheel broken at the well,

and the dust returns to the ground it came from, and the spirit returns to God who gave it.

Through all we read, the silver cord is referenced many times as an umbilical cord. So, when we ended up here we were awed by what God was doing. Both Roseanne and I saw death on the couple, these verses are about death.

The silver cord is the umbilical cord. The golden bowl is the brain. The pitcher is the lungs and the wheel is the heart. Basically, these verses are describing different ways to die.
So, there it is again "death". But, why is Satan spending so much time on destroying this couple. They are truly "Luke warm" Christians. Not much fire there. They can, however, through healing, repentance and confession turn into "Christians on fire." The reason that Satan is spending so much time on this couple alludes both Roseanne and myself for now. All we do know is that death is at hand, witch craft has played a part and freedom is near. More revelation will come on the silver cord.

Today, we will proceed with the inner healing on the husband. Then in the next day or two we will work with the wife I expect manifestations of evil from the husband. So, I am seeking God on what to do then. If we go for deliverance, is this man ready. Is he strong enough in the Lord that he will not fall back and then be overwhelmed with even more demons. Or is he in a place where it is safe, for him, to be delivered from such evil. I will wait on the Lord for this answer.
I do this today stricken with illness. I have been suffering for several weeks. My body has swollen up so badly that my feet look round. Yesterday, because of the Lupus, my kidney's were checked to see if they were failing. All is well there. So, the doctor took four vials of blood. We wait to see. Meantime, I am on water pills. My trips to the bathroom are numerous. So, while working today..... well, you know. But, I do get a lot of inspirations and revelation while sitting on the throne.