Friday, June 13, 2008

Spirit of Suicide

I waited to post today because I had an inner healing this morning and wanted to concentrate on that. The inner healing went like this.

We prayed, we talked, we quit.

She was not ready. She has a lot of anger that she is not willing to let go of right now. This is not an inappropriate thing. She has a right to be angry, her husband had been having an affair and she just found out a few days ago. There is a difference between forgiveness and forgetting.

She needs to process what has happened to her. She wants to not feel this pain, but is not willing to make herself vulnerable to more pain. So, we did not do the inner healing.

The main reason I agreed to meet with her was she was suicidal. She has no plan for suicide, she just thinks about it often. So, before she was to leave, I told her I wanted to pray against that spirit of suicide that was tormenting her.

She was ok with this, but did not expect much. She feels that God has let her down. He did not, according to her thinking, come through for her when she needed Him. She was not sure that God cared enough for her to help her now.

So, my thinking was that my own faith is big enough. So, myself, my brother and Roseanne began to pray. I prayed against that spirit of suicide and when I did she began to have pain in her left arm. She became very uncomfortable. She rubbed her arm and squirmed in her seat. I recognized that God was moving on her and delivering her from evil.

I began to pray deliverance. And in Jesus' name, that pain left, but her fingers were numb. So, we continued to pray for God to deliver and He did. She began to smile when all feeling came back into her fingers.

Freedom and protection was given to her today. God met her and showed her that He loves her and that He WILL be there for her. She recognized the power and love of God. He moved her. She now must think about what is next. Dealing with her anger and letting go of her need to control will not come easy. But, today, she learned that she does not have to do it herself. She belongs to a great and awesome God who can and will do anything for her.


lance said...

You have such depth of conviction when you write.
God bless,

Channelofhealing said...

PRAISE THE LORD!!! Our God is Good all the Time

Godbless you Given55 for the works He is doing through you and I Pray that her deliverance would be permamnent in Jesus Mighty NAme AMen

Given55 said...

Thank you Lance. I appreciate the encouragement. May God bless you.

Given55 said...


Thank you for the prayer. I saw her last night and she continue to be free from suicidal thoughts. Praise the Lord on High.

Channelofhealing said...

That is good news!!! our God never fails and I don't know why so many don't want to trust in Him