Thursday, November 8, 2007

Again Deception

I have, over the years, worked several times with a women that I believe is possessed. She dose not like me, but, her husband kept bringing her to me. We don't see each other any more, but, her husband calls for prayer, often.

When I first saw this woman it was in church, She was very friendly to everyone. That is everyone but me. She would worship God in grandiose ways, that looked awesome. You'd see her standing on the chairs with her arms straight up to God, or lying flat on the floor weeping to God, or jumping & dancing her heart out.

I was young in Christ then & felt rejected by this great woman of God, because she would not come near or speak to me. It wasn't that that thing inside of her was afraid of my knowing it,. Others in the room had suspicions as to what was going on with her. It was that that thing inside of her knew enough of the future to know that I was the one who would be attacking it & putting it in danger. It was, at least, a year later before I ended up one on one with this woman.

There are many things that have gone on between this woman and myself that I could share but, the subject of this post is deception. so I will concentrate on that. I'm sure that you have heard that Satan knows that Bible better than us, well, it is sooo true.

You can see that she to, like the man in the previous post, worshiped God. Or should I say, pretended to worship God. I have no doubt that there is as part of this woman that knows God and tries to grab hold of her God. But, over the years, I have seen that part of her shrink. She still goes to church, lots of different churches, but only to disrupt. What I find most interesting about her is her graps of the Word of God.

I've sat with her many times and it is hard to get a word in. She is continually speaking the Word of God. This has gotten worse over the years as well. You ask her a question and she answers you with a verse. It would be good if we all could find, in our minds, the answer to every question from the word. And we know that all answers are there but, this was unbelievable. The quotes, from the word, came out of her like a machine guns rapid fire. You could barely listen as fast as she would spit them out.

This day I was sitting alone with her in my office. We were just going over some history getting ready for an inner healing, she needs deliverance, but, she only oked an inner healing. She started this rapid fire Bible quoting. I sat there & decided to say under my breath, "anything that is not of God can not speak". Oh, she shut up right away, but, her look was not one of surprise, it was more like "I'm going to kill you". Her eyes were locked on mine with pure hate. My flesh had a bit of "OH, no." Now, I'm praying as fast as she was quoting the Bible. "OH, God, I need protection. Guide me. HELP".

She stood up and started to walk out. I asked her where she was going and she just shrugged. "Are you coming back next week" I asked. She shrugged again. I quit talking, because, she could not answer. She walked out the door & I thanked God a lot. I knew how violent this woman could be. She tried to kill her husband with a gun once. He maced her in the eyes twice and it did not stop her. Thank you God for making her leave.

Deception. Satan knows the Bible better than we do. Big time. Satan can dance before the Lord. Yes, I look good doing it. Satan can talk in tongues. It's a deception, but, it can sound right. There is more that we need to be aware of. We need to stay close to God for His direction in these matters. The Antichrist will come with such deception and we need to understand His ways so we will not fall into these traps.

In these two posts I have described the cunningest of Satan. How He can pretend to be a Christian. Many will fall for these schemes. Seek God in everything. The hour is sooo late and these schemes will permeate this world. Are you prepared for these ploys? Without the Spirit of God you will fall victim to these schemes.


Emmyrose said...

Oh I know a lot of pretentious Christians and let your eyes be set on God alone and don't let your faith be ruin seeing the evil out of this shameful so-called-Christians.

God bless!

Michael said...

I would be curious to know if this woman comes back. I hope you will keep us posted on this encounter.

It is interesting to see that after your comment she was unable to speak. It is as if the devil was bound, but bound inside her. Perhaps you should have someone else present during your next visit. I believe that she desires for this eveil spirit to be cast out from within her as much as you do. It could get ugly until that happens.

Thanks too for your comment on my page. I'll be checking in from time to time.

Be safe and be encouraged.


Moonshadow said...

Greetings given! Just popping over to say "HI". I noticed that you are a new link in the Blog Kansas scroll so I wanted welcome you. I love gettng in touch with other prairie people!

Given55 said...

Thank you moonshawdow. I love Kansas.

Lord Dagger said...

Yurgle shall rule this earth