Thursday, November 15, 2007

Soul & Spirit ties

My post "Oh Please. "NO!!!", brought about a few questions about the bondage breaking weekend. So, I was asked to write a post and clarify what soul ties are.

Some of what I'll be writing is taken from the manual we use at my church to teach "Purpose, Passion and Purity". I'll, also, be drawing on my own experiences from praying at the bondage breaking weekend retreats.

We as Christians understand that we are at war, a spiritual war. There are spiritual forces that are waging war against the followers of Christ to destroy them, to keep them ineffective and from doing what God has called them to do and walking in purpose.

There are two kingdoms in this world and they are fighting for control of the earth. The first kingdom is the Kingdom of light and the other is the kingdom of darkness. The only way that either kingdom has access to the earth is through human beings. Every one on this earth is in this war whether they believe it or not. If they choose to believe that it is not true, then they are already working for the Kingdom of darkness.

soul ties. These are ties that involve human relationships. This is a large area and many of us do not understand how relationships affect our spiritual lives and living our life on purpose. We are a triune being, spirit, soul and body. When we get involved in a relationship depending on the relationship, it can involve all three areas of our being.

So this means having ungodly, premarital sex can lead to soul ties. Whenever we engaged in sexually activity we leave a piece of ourselves with them and take a piece of them with us. In a soul tie breaking you give back what was left with you and take back what you left with that person. There is a Godly tie with your marriage partner "no longer two bodies, but one" Matthew 19:5-6.

There are other soul ties, such as emotional that come on through abuse, but, I will move on to spirit ties.

Spirit ties- A spirit tie is developed in many different ways. But, always, is an oppression from a dark spirit. These spirits have a legal right to be there. We know the devil has no legal right to us. However there are times when we give him access to our lives where he can come in and build up strongholds in our minds.

Strongholds are areas in your life that you do not have control over or fortified pockets that are under the control of the enemy. They can also be moods, inclinations, impulses or tendencies of a specific kind.

Understand that when you have strongholds or footholds in your life that you become a slave to that area - you no longer have control over it, but it controls you. You are bound by it or in bondage to those areas.

I remember being at a bondage breaking weekend that was going quit well. I was praying over the last women. I had learned, from experience, that I needed to have a team with me on these weekends, because I was seeing manifestations of evil at times. So, I was asking the last women how she had felt burning her soul ties, when she jumped up, ran towards me, grabbed me around the throat and was back in her seat so fast your mind thought it could not have happened. I heard one of my team members say, "Well, I'm leaving." I couldn't quit looking at this women, but, did tell my team member, she needed to stay.

This woman was possessed. There was no doubt. The lighten fast speed of her endeavor to kill me was certainly supernatural. Thank God, that He is my protector. This woman was small, quiet, & docile in personality. This, however, was a way that this demon could hide from the Christian world. It knew that it would not be able to hide in this moment in time, so it attacked. The women was set free that day, by the hand of God. I've lost track of her over the years. I can only hope and pray that she did not open up doors to allow that thing back in.

Keeping your victory after bondage breaking is imperative. The enemy lies in wait to resume his destruction of the Christian. You must choose to continue to walk free. Meet with God daily, pray continuously, stay in the Word. Take control of your thoughts. Your thoughts will get you in trouble. Believe that you have been set free. Do not, put yourself in the way of temptation.

I have seen many people lose their freedom and as it says in the Word, it became soooo much worse. God wants your freedom. He wants you to walk into your purpose and not be held back by the torment of the flesh.


Phelan said...

Please expand on this. How is the breaking done?