Monday, November 5, 2007

Expect God

I had a wonderful weekend. God seemed to be boldly present everywhere I went.

Friday I went to have my hair done. While I sat with color setting up on my head, the beautician sat down in front of me. She was sharing about some personal matters. While she talked I saw the Spirit of God come down on her. It looked as if He was tending to her. She kept talking, I listened, but, I also, kept watching. I found it difficult to do both.

I told her, "the Spirit of God is on you." "He wants you to know that the burden of the world is not yours. It is His." Also, that "He is nearer to you than you think. He has not gone away." I can't remember the rest. I have such a lousy memory. But, she knew what God was talking about. She began to cry & told me that those words were the very thing she had prayed about the night before.

God met her that day. She needed confirmation about her prayer & I, as usual, needed confirmation that I was hearing God. It is amazing how much confirmation we need. I would think it speaks to our lack of Faith that we continually need confirmation. I, usually don't know I'm in the need for confirmation, till it happens. Then I feel relief. God is good. He knows us better than we ourselves.

That was Friday. Saturday, I had a small party at my home. I'm not much in the way of hospitality, but, I told a friend that I would help her get her business going & this is the way to do that. The folks I invited interacted well & the party was a success. But, one of my friends brought a guest. While sitting a the table, I noticed a bit of strangeness going on in the spirit realm over this guest head. It was a strange sight. An impish kind of creature, it wasn't evil, was just over her head & pulling hard on a rope. It was struggling hard to pull the word "joy" into her.

I didn't know this woman, so I didn't know how she would react to this revelation. But, I told her what I saw. Her response was that she needed joy in her life. There was some conversation about God & church. But, then we went on with the party.

When it was time for them to leave, about five of us were standing outside talking. I looked at this woman & her eyes were full of sadness. I was over whelmed by the emotion. I took a step towards her. People were talking, so I took another step towards her. She was listening to the others not noticing me. So I took another step towards her. Finally, the conversation wained & I said to her, "I see great sadness in your eyes. May I pray for you?"

She started to cry dramatically. The love of God poured out on all the women standing there & they all stepped towards her to comfort her. It was a beautiful moment. I took her into my arms & prayed for her. Afterwards she was grateful & shared a lot about herself. Very tragic story. I invited her to church the next day. There was conversation about which service we all go to. The others there go to second, but, I go to first. They were wanting me at second. It would especially be good if this woman went. But, my husband likes to go to first & that is basically that.

The next morning my husband kept sleeping. It was not normal. I checked on him, to see if he was ok. He was sleeping hard. By, the time he woke up, it was to late for first service. He was amazed at all long & hard he had slept. I was grateful to God.

At church the suspense was there. Would this woman come. Worship began & then I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. There she was looking wonderful. I was so excited, I hugged her & thanked God. She sat through service & then I asked her what she thought. I was a little discouraged because, pastor was not there, another was doing the service. But, she said, this was for me.

I can't tell you how my heart jumped for joy. I was so full of the Spirit that in worship I couldn't stop jumping. I wanted to run & run. The energy of God was so overwhelming. My joy was complete though, when I saw God speaking to her.

Expect God. He is looking for people who will hear His call. There is so much to do in this world to expand the Kingdom. He needs you. Expect Him. Time is short, Jesus is coming back for His church. He "does not want to lose one" of His children. Listen for His call to minister. I had a remarkable weekend. I live in expectation that God will use me. Expect Him for yourself.