Monday, November 26, 2007

What a Weekend

My weekend. So full off highs and lows. I look back on it and wonder at the lessons. But, I am at a lose on some of what happened.

Friday, I did something that I can not remember ever doing. I went out with a friend to shop for books. The woman I went with is one that I am disciplining. The first thing we did though, was minister to another friend.

The woman I'm disciplining, had a vision. She said that she was praying about the church when she was caught up in a vision. The vision was of another member of the church sweeping, with a broom, the front entrance of the church. When he had swept a while, people started to come in, but, he kept sweeping. I told her that this showed that he had the authority to pray out those things in the church that hindered the growth of the church.

She was so excited that we decided to stop by and tell this man of the vision. He was floored and excited. He told us that he struggles with his purpose. He knows by the meaning of his name that he is to walk in authority and is the keeper of the castle. His words invigorated my disciple. She was so excited with this confirmation. It was a great way to start the day.

I so enjoyed my time with her. I didn't have any intrusion from the spirit realm and just relaxed. It was a gift from God.

Sunday was not so relaxing. My husband and I walked into church and had not got two feet in when my eyes met that of a woman who had a demon oppressing her. She gave me that, all to familiar, look of stay away from me. Truly, I wanted to stay away from her. We went in, sat down and here she comes walking by me giving me that same look.

She sat about five rows in front of us. I looked at her back and God told me that she was very sick. My thoughts went to,"well yea. She's got a demon." God was going to a different area than that, He meant she was physically ill. Very ill. I told my husband "I don't want to do this." I tried other means. I went to a friend during worship, who knows everyone in the church,, and asked her if she knew this woman. My thinking was to get this woman's friends to speak to her, thus avoiding just walking up to her with a word. But, no one knew her.

Our pastor aways asks us to greet someone we don't know. So, I excused myself from my husband and walked over to this woman. I introduced myself and she did the same. I took her hand and told her I had a word from God for her. She gave me a strange look but, said "alright". I told her that God said "Your healing is at hand." She nodded "yes". But, continued to just stared at me. I asked if that meant anything to her and she said it did. "Well, I'll be praying for you." I told her and she said thanks.

I went back to my seat and worshiped my God. After church she came back to me. She said when I came to her she did not know what I could be talking about. But, that during the service she had a pain in her arm that she had not had in a long time. Tendinitis. I reminded her what God had said and again told her I'd be praying for her. When she walked away I stated under my breath, that tendinitis was not it. My husband heard me and said "I agree, it is not tendinitis." We both know that there is an ailment within her that she is unaware of and of course there is that demon.

We went to lunch. This is why people like myself isolate. This is why I don't like to go out. We ordered out food and sat down. It was just a little hamburger joint. In comes a boy, about twenty two years of age. I see him and know that he's goal is to steal. There was no one at the counter so he looks over the counter but, sees nothing to steal so he walks out. But, he comes back in with a friend. This time they are going to order food. While one is ordering, I'm drawn to the other. Suddenly, I'm in his head. He was having the most horrible thoughts about the young woman behind the counter. For myself, a woman, it was rape. No other word for it. He lingered in that thought for what seemed and eternity. I felt violation for the woman.

My relief was great when they sat down behind a partition where I could no longer see them, but, I could hear them. My husband couldn't but, I could. They were sharing thoughts about the young woman. I started to talk a lot about nothing to my husband. I wanted to run. To leave my food and go home.

Home is my sanctuary. I got there and wondered at what had happened. Why is that kind of thing for me. Is it so I will pray. Someone surely needs to pray for those boys. If not for prayer, then I have no idea why this happens to me.

Holding up in my cave, I felt safe. But, the phone rang and I was asked to go pray healing over a woman that was in serious pain. I agreed before I thought about the day. So, I went to pray for a dear friend. While there the Spirit of God fell so very strong. It was wonderful to feel His presence and bask in His glory. He fell on my friend and healed her. No pain, freedom of movement again. She rejoiced and danced. God is a miracle maker.

I got home and pondered the weekend. Highs and lows. Miracles and wonders. Light and dark. Why? God teaches the teachable. I hope that I am teachable. I do not believe that anything is by accident, so, I believe that God taught me all weekend. But, did I make and "A" or did I fail. Or could it be that the learning curve is such that I am getting a "C". I suppose it does not matter as long as I learn.

What did I learn. It was reinforced to me to always be ready for Him. To always be expecting. I have always known that the human conditions was low, but, this weekend I "heard" how low it can go. I learned, this weekend, how very dirty the flesh can be. I learned how much work there is to be do in this realm to be able to overcome. Oh, I've always know to an extent, but, this weekend this was made known to me in a very realistic way.


Anonymous said...

You made an, "A." Even when we didn't do ALL we can do, we still pass, bc we learn. Plus, I don't think that WE get to decide our grade. WE don't ALWAYS know EXACTLY what HE is looking for. He lets us in on a lot, but not everything. Thank GOD!

It sounds to me, that you were obedient, as usual. I don't know why it feels that you don't consider yourself as obedient as you could be.

I know that you are usually blindsided with tasks and this is what you agreed to do and you're doing it.

It DOES sound like a really HIGH and a really LOW weekend...

Ack, that nasty kid...ugh!