Thursday, November 29, 2007

She does not expect this

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Happy birthday my daughter a homesteading neophyte

It has been thirty years since I first laid eyes on you. You were such a surprise. After all, I was the first girl in generations. So, I certainly, did not expect a girl. What a wonderful surprise you were. I hope I have done well by you. I cherished the fact that I had a baby girl.

I know that your adult life has had sorrow. You lost your son and now your father. You, however, have showed great strength in all circumstances. This year you have had to take on more roles than most young women but, you endure with grace. I know how much you must miss your father. Especially, him calling you "Honey, baby, sweets". I can't fill that void in your life, but, I love you and will always be your support, confidante and parent.

You make me proud. You see your dreams and go for them. Life will not pass you by. Keep grabbing for that dream you are making it come true. We talk everyday, we laugh a lot, we share intimacies, and complain about life. I look forward to those calls and to the screams of your children in the background.

These are the best years of your life. Enjoy, take advantage of them, have fun. So many times we take life far to seriously. It is a gift from God and gifts are made to enjoy. You are one of my joys and pleasures. A treasure in my chest of gifts.


Phelan said...

ok, you make me cry.

Thanks mom, love you and lots of hugs.

Aunt Lisa said...

What a sweet way to say happy birthday. Brought tears to my eyes too. Even though I love my sons, was always jealous you had a daughter. Wish we all lived nearer each other. Lisa

Given55 said...

Good to hear from you. Our children are getting older. It would be good to see you.

Phelan said...

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