Wednesday, November 7, 2007


We, as Christians, expect to be deceived by Satan. It, to us, is part of the Christian walk. We expect that we will be tempted, lied to, and swayed by his lowly ways. But, how aware are we of Satan's plans? Could it be that we only skirt the surface of his ways? Do we need to reevaluate, in this late hour, his plans & schemes.

I believe, that we Christians, knowing the power of God, minimize the power of Satan. God is more powerful, no doubt. But, we need to have a measure of respect for the power of Satan. The word respect & Satan together, usually gets me into trouble. Not respect as in honoring. Respect as in pay attention to his ways. Because, Satan's ways are enormously deceptive. In this post and the next, I'm going to give life experience examples of Satan's deception. Maybe it will give you , the reader, a greater understanding of his schemes.

Idto a lot of inner heeling's & deliverance's. I had an occasion to do an inner healing on a young woman. She had many bondage's and a lot of emotional pain that kept her from the depths of Christ that she yearned for. I had gathered a team of people and we went to work. Everything was going quite well. We had identified an area that needed pray, when the young woman said, "Can I pray in tongues?" We said. "Of course." and she began to pray.

Something was horribly wrong. The words coming out of her mouth were not from God and the emotion behind them was one of anger and hate. We listened for a moment and one of those on my team called her name. But, she did not stop. We all looked at each other a couple of times, not quite sure what to do. Under God direction, I said, "Anything that is not of God, can not speak." It looked like a zipper went over her mouth. She looked up at me and said, "That was not God!" We had to agree.

Another time, I was at a retreat. We had two rooms going in prayer. We were on a bondage breaking weekend where a lot of women had come for help. I was working in one room with another team across the hall. The other team came and got me saying that there was a problem in their room, would I help. When I went in, there was a woman sitting in a chair for prayer. I went & sat down in front of her & out of her mouth came the same language as the previous woman. So I said the same thing, "Anything that is not of God, can not speak!" There it was again, a zipper across her mouth & stunned eyes trying to understand.

Were these women possessed? No! But, we do invited spirits, over time, to hang out with us. They come from a variety of places. Out childhood needs, addiction, believing error, wrong relationships, abuse, etc. These entities just kind of hang out. We give them legal rights to stay around. So, with these two women it was a spirit that had been with them a long time. The spirits knew their time was short & acted out. Sending their cries into the spirit realm and perhaps trying to scare us off. We make these things at home with us. So many times we ignore the signs that we are being oppressed but, with time God will bring to you the dis-ease of their presence & you will want freedom.

Disguised as the gift of tongues. Amazing deception. His deceptions go deep and we need to always be aware of his deeds. Tomorrow I will share with you a sad and ongoing story about deception.


Desert Cat said...

Eye-opening. This post and the next.

And unnerving.

Because I was praying in tongues not a terribly long time ago, and I felt at that time I was maybe praying in the flesh and not by the Spirit. And a mighty voice said (and I quote), "Shut up!" And my tongues fell quite silent.

Ah kind of don't think the enemy could have done that if I was praying in the Spirit. It was probably God, and he was not pleased with what he was hearing.

Given55 said...

Wow. Sounds like you were already checking yourself before you heard the word. Must of been unnerving to hear God that way. I agree that it was probably God. Satan would have loved for you to be off track & to stay there.

Desert Cat said...

Must of been unnerving to hear God that way.

Yes. Still have my metaphorical tail betwixt my legs.