Monday, October 8, 2007

The audible voice of God

The first time I heard the audible voice of God I thought I had lost my mind. I had been working with the severely mentally ill & thought I had lost it.

I lived 60 miles from my work. I loved the drive to & from work, it gave me a lot of time to worship the Lord. This day I was on my way home. I really had not been a Christian very long, so I had nothing to judge what was happening on.

I noticed a hawk standing on the side of the road. I thought it odd, but, thought he had caught his diner. A 100 yards later there was another hawk sitting on the side of the road. This went on for at least 10 miles. My thoughts were, - What is happening? Is this a message from God? Am I ok?

When I turned onto a dirt road - It stopped. Now, I'm looking for hawks. I'm looking in the sky, on the side of the road, on fences post, anywhere, but, no hawks. Truly, I was feeling unnerved.

The dirt road is 8 miles of harsh flint rock to my home. For 6 of those miles I was looking everywhere for hawks. At the 6th miles I heard a voice. "No predator will every cross your land".

What? I spoke out loud "Oh, I need to go to lockup". I pulled into my driveway & began to realize that I had heard from God himself. I started to praise Him for His glory & was so very humbled that He had spoken to me.

After I came down off of my high. I thought about what He had said. Made no sense to me. I lived on 120 acres of land. I was relived no predator would cross it. My husband said he felt safe from the world intruding on us. I felt that this must be right. That God was saying that our land was a sanctuary.

God speaks so many times in parables. We need to learn to walk slowly in our faith. Not to jump to conclusions nor believe everything we are told. I was such a bay in Christ at this time. I had no idea what God was doing or saying.

Over time I came to the understanding of what he really meant. He was giving me a word that I could hold onto & lean on when things got rough for me. "No predator will ever cross your land."
What He is saying is that, those who would feed off of me, who want to destroy what God is doing with & in me will never succeed. I have had many try. Satan can use anyone who is vulnerable to his schemes. But, none have been successful. I hold tightly to those audible words from God. I know that He is my strength, my strong tower, my life.

To God be the glory. Without Him I would have fainted & faded away a long time ago.


Penitus Luminarium said...

hi , hmm I understand you are still in the process of discovering yourself , that's a good thing .
One day you will transcend all religion and find out that everyting is within you :-)

safe journey

Sandra Cobb said...

It is so nice to meet people who not only believe that God still speaks to us, but actually hears him. I have not heard the voice of God, but he does speak to me... thanks for your comment and the post regarding my experience with the deer. I now believe that God is telling me to have faith and hold on, He will continue to provide - no matter what. God bless!

Given55 said...


You have great faith. But, I know that in these days we need to grow our faith as God is telling you to do. Whenever I look at myself and ponder my faith, I realize how lacking I am. Holding on is a good way to put it.

I believe that we will begin to see even more supernatural events in the coming days and through that our faith will surely grow.