Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"My voice is not your own"

Yesterday, I posted about Satan getting into your thoughts. When I was talking about this with my husband God spoke to me. He asked, "Am I in you thoughts?" Well, "Yes". He said, "No, I'm not." "That's how I hear you most of the time." I said. "No. Your thoughts are your own notions & ideations. My voice is not your own."

Well, I had to think on this. It does make sense to me. Even though the sound of His voice is within me, He is not part of my thought process. He is everywhere including (praise God) within me. When you think about it God can't be in the filthiness of my mind. God can't be in the presence of sin. And I am the chief of all sinners. But, His voice is clear in the recesses of my mind.

We talk often and sometimes it seems like our conversations are long. Lately, He has been giving me questions to ponder like this one. I hear Him clearly. Why? Because, I have learned how to distinguish between my thoughts & the voice of God.

I pray, dear reader, that you will ask God to help you distinguish between your thoughts & His voice.