Thursday, October 18, 2007

Resurrection of the body

In my post Spirit to Spirit communication I asked the reader this question:

If your spirit can communicate with my spirit outside of your fleshes participation, does that make the spirit separate from the flesh?

I got a wonderful response for Desert Cat:

I would say "not necessarily". What most people think of as their "self", that is their waking awareness is only a small part of the totality of their being.

We dream without being consciously engaged in the process, though we sometimes remember. Our subconscious is quite busy below the surface. The myriad complexities of our bodies function quite well without our need to consciously direct what is going on at all times. So it shouldn't be surprising that our spirit works outside of our conscious mind being directly engaged all of the time.**

Now that doesn't say whether or not we're composed of a bunch of discrete components that are somehow associated together as one "person", but I tend to doubt it. I tend to believe body soul and spirit are integrated, though capable of independent action. Else why did God raise Jesus physically from the dead and why would God be concerned about resurrecting our bodies at the end of the age? Surely we can enjoy his presence without them? Yet we would not be complete.

**in fact, I think God gave us the gift of tongues for this very reason--because sometimes our conscious mind interferes with what God's Spirit and our spirit needs to accomplish. What better way to cut it out of the loop than to speak in a language unknown to it?"

I agree that with function well in a disassociative state. "Was that light green when I drove through it"? Of course it was, we function just fine, without even knowing it. I, also, agree that we are some how interconnected flesh to spirit. What I'm not so sure on is the resurrection of our bodies. I, believe that this will happen, what I'm not sure on is the body part.

I have seen a spirit leave a body that has past(Posting: Spirit of man). That Spirit went back to God. That spirit that had been in a man for 64 years, left & went to God. The body decayed. I've also seen a decayed body (Post: They have not my beauty). I know & believe that God can & will do anything, but, I believe the resurrected body to be something other than flesh. God has not shown me what this would look like & I'm not saying that He has told me this. It is just something that is in the details of what God has been ministering to me for the last week.

The flesh and the body do disconnect in death. The spirit lives. The connection is lost to the physical realm. When the spirit of man leaves it's vessel after death, does it leave with the same characteristics it came into time with?


Sunny Sky said...

This is why I love reading stories of people that have had near death experiences. It gives you that inside view of things, and I have learned a lot from them. I liked the book "The Day I Died", "90 minutes in heaven" "23 minutes in hell", have you read any of these?