Friday, October 12, 2007

Holy Spirit - door way to the supernatural

The other day, a friend was speaking to me about problems she was having. She was depressed and looking to God for answers. I felt for her, so I asked God, "What do you have for her." What I heard send a shock wave through my entire body. "I'm mad at you right now."

That is not something you want to hear from God. I was terrified. I couldn't wait for my friend to leave so I could find out what was the problem. Or did I want to know what was going on. Could I fix what was going on, or was it beyond my reach?

After she left I sat down on my front porch & asked God, "What are you mad at me about?" His response, "You are not God to everyone, I am." I thought about this a minute, then asked, "But, God you need to teach me how to teach them to hear you."

God reminded me of a book that I read when I first became a Christian. "Holy Spirit Power" by Charles Spurgeon. In the book he mentions praying to the Holy Spirit. Which I did when I early on. God showed me that we (His children) pray to God & pray to Jesus, but, the majority neglected praying to the Spirit of God. We call upon Him for miracles & comfort, but, we neglect to praise Him nor to have conversations with Him.

I have always had a relationship with the Spirit of God. I believe God has been showing me that because of that relationship the doorways to the supernatural have been open to me. It is true that I have always had a gifting for this, but, it escalated to incredible heights after my salvation. Can this be developed in those who do not feel they have no ability to see into the spirit realm? Yes!

Develop your relationship with the Holy Spirit. Get close, Thank Him, praise Him. Be sensitive to the space around you. Don't doubt that God will bless you. Walk in the Power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus left Him here so we could do "Greater works." Have you noticed we are not doing greater works. Why don't we walk in this promise. I believe it is because most believe it is for others not for them. It is for everyone. We should not neglect this verse or write it off for others. I claim this verse for myself. I will move mountains & see the glory of God here on earth.

Be intimate with the Spirit of God. He is so close to you. Walk with Him, let Him teach you. Enjoy the glorious triune.